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A yacht doesn't have to be huge to be a superyacht

A beautiful, rare, icy sunrise today.   Snow_sunrise_IMG_6674_d.jpg
Helped a friend moving furniture in Castelnau de Montmiral.
A while back in CdM I asked one of the elder villagers how old the houses are?
I was told, well the village was laid out and built by a Count of Toulouse in the 13th century.
We have had a few fires but not much has changed…

My friend has bought an ancient house in the village and is doing an excellent job of renovation and upgrade.
Double glazing, radiators with thermostats and insulation are unusual here.
Only 3 months are cold and even those are often relived by warm spells, might explain the local attitude to insulation?
One old piece of the vans loads of furniture we shifted was made in Brittany.
It took 6 of us to carry from a garage, too big for a Transit van, and even then it was a struggle!
The roads here are still dangerous but most of the ice has gone, not all the snow, – 1 C last night, today we have 7 C, a heat wave after minus 6!
I also had a most interesting and serious enquiry for a marine painting, a possible marine commission, from a person in the USA with an ultra modern 40′ yacht which has been clocked at 26 knots off Cuba!

Does this prove a yacht does not have to be huge to be a super yacht and loads of fun?

This Cuba scene could make a fine piece of damatic marine art?

I have asked if I can have permission to bring you the gist of the story on this blog.

My Mother’s house finally sold today.
Only a little bungalow so not worth much.
My mother left me nothing.
While my attention was else where (being given a divorce I didn’t really want), my sister and brother made very sure of that!
They would not even give momentos to Mum’s friends.

My solicitor said this sort of greed is on the increase, now effects 1 in 3 families partly driven by the increase in property prices.

His advice I offer you for free.

Watch out, make wills with what happens after you are a goner.

Otherwise people you love may be screwed by people they should have been able to trust.

Had a beautiful supper and toasted my Dad who left me a 1/4 share G-D bless him where ever he is now…

Very tired after the exercise with truck loads of furniture so reluctantly skipped the Winter solstice celebrations in nearby medieval Cordes sur Ceil.