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No marine painting, no marine art…

Santa seems to have come early? riding on 4 cms of snow…

Santa, Papa Noel, seems to have left a present outside my house?  Santa left for me  IMG_6575 wp_1.jpg

snow_brick_IMG_6586_wp.jpgOdd way of parking, still, very nice of him, thanks mate.

No chance to paint today, in telegraphic terms life is “all stop” here.  Itzac_Noel_IMG_6614_d.jpg

I awoke knowing some thing was odd…

You know with that instinct that tells a sleeping sailor the weather has changed, the wind shifted?

The little world of Itzac was silent, no bird song.  En_ItzacIMG_6590_d.jpg

Then to hear the crunching of one car slowly passing the house on snow..

This morning we were reminded the North Tarn and  Itzac are in the foothills of the Massif Central…

My calender claims winter starts on the 21st of December. Oh yes?   Maison_de_Frickers_IMG_6585_wp.jpg

We had some Ekk, it’s snow! last Monday but it did not last long, that said the cold weather has lasted.

Today is different.

The only vehicles safely moving are a few tractors, 4 x 4’s and cars with chains ~ except for “My Man Friday“, Scotsman  Graeme Morison!   Itzac_main_street_IMG_6584_wp.jpg

The mayor of Itzac had been to Cordes for supplies for the old folk.

Animals are still getting fodder but take a close look at the car parked on the hill…  Itzac_fodder_IMG_6588_wp.jpg

It was heading up hill and lucky not to go over into the field…

Quad biking seems to work, not been able to try it myself.  Quad_solution_IMG_6610_wp.jpg

Plenty of roads around here with no tracks but birds and rabbits…  snow_storm_IMG_6638_d.jpg

Wonderful for walking.

I’m having my first long walk since before I went to England in November.

Little wind here so it is not to cold given thermal undies (to much information?) and very quite, calming.

The main route Cordes to Castelnau de Montmiral is passable with extreeeeem care.

Many of the roads here have deep steep ditches either side.

snow_lane_2_IMG_6643_d.jpgOthers look in this snow quite “Cornish”.

Surfaces are not a good as in England.

Many roads here become polished during the hot summer thus dangerous if wet, lethal if icy.

Others simply fall into a field.Route_Cordes_a_Casteleneau_de_MontmiralIMG_6595_d.jpg

Reports are coming in of numerous cars parking themselves in the ditches.

We hear the autoroute to Toulouse closed with jack knifed lorries.

Schools have finished a day early for the Christmas vacation.

I can tell because down load speeds are very slow which means?

The police and gendarmes are asking people not to drive unless essential but then they would.

snow_forest_IMG_6641_d.jpgOn the plus side it is brightening up  now…   Itzav_Noel_IMG_6669_d.jpg

Will it freeze or thaw?