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Foggin cold

My grandmother who did not speak excellent Engrise, one winter evening, trying to be chatty with my Father who had just returned from school said to him, “it’s foggncold outside“…

Unfortuneately I missed the vernissage of the new exhibition, “Images, Imprimees, Expo”,  by the artist Claire Soissons because it was foggncoldExpo_JourDeFete_A4_b.jpg

Fortunately the exhibition continues until the 3rd of February, details below.

It had been what one of my French friends calls a clear shinny day.

After some light rain in the preceding days the result was what my Father’s generation might have called a real “pea souper“.

Net result, very thick fog and no chance of driving the 25 minutes to Albi to see the exhibition of print specialist and my friend, Claire Soissons.

Claire Soissons print art is a long way from my marine art however we share an out look and attitude to our work, plus live only a kilometre from each other so by Tarn standards are neighbours.

You can see the print art of Claire Soissons at the Bar Jour de Fete, 61 Boulavard Soult in Albi (www.barjourdefete.com), Tel:  + 33 (0)5 63  36 86 24.

Who knows, maybe see you there when I do get into Albi with some spare time?