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A greatful gift

Plymouth Naval History Library staff have been hugely helpful  with my research over many years.

Masterpiece … … Renowned Marine artist has presented a stunning framed print to Plymouth Central Library” recorded The Herald and The Extra, while less helpfully leaving out my web site or contact details.   Herald_13.11.09_d.JPG

I felt is was about time I did some thing more tangible to show my appreciation to the staff at Plymouth Central Library , something they would like. My suggestion was accepted with alacrity.

Thus a signed numbered Prestige copy of my marine painting “Trafalgar Dawnhttp://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/trafalgar_dawn.html, partly researched at the excellent Plymouth Naval Library, and suitably inscribed in the margin “Presented to Plymouth Local and Naval Studies Department by the artist in appreciation of much help willingly given and a world class facility“.

The picture was accepted on behalf of the Central library by Alastair MacNaughton and for the Naval department by Ian Criddle.

Alastair was kind enough to say he thought it about time Plymouth or at least the City Museum, gave a major exhibition of my paintings and he said he would discuss this with them.

Nice idea Alistair, lets hope they approach me maybe after I have shown in the European Parliament next May my home town could book the exhibition?

I understand it will soon be displayed permenantly in the naval reference section, like the books, to be used, to inspire but not to be taken away!

I felt the inscription might help the accounts departments of the City of Plymouth appreciate the library which I have found to be better than some more famous naval libraries, and maybe the picture will help inspire other future researchers?