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Free marine art brochure, special offer.

Action ~ for your FREE marine art brochure. This is available. At present kindly send me an email and I’ll send you a copy by email or post as you prefer.

I am working with my web  master to make this brochure automatically available soon. Thank you for your comprehension. down load from www.frickers.co.uk (homepage), via the special offer box at the bottom of the page or send your postal details.
We can “snail mail” you a high quality copy, several if you wish.

Sea pictures for sea people”, the first Gordon Frickers brochure for 18 years!

At the super yacht  Monaco Yacht Show 2009 several people amused Gordon Frickers by saying, “WOW, collector’s item!” Amused because as you know,

there were a lot of seriously beautiful, expensive brochures at Monte Carlo!
This brochure is yacht painting and super yacht orientated.

It represents our marine culture and strives to the meet the principals of excellence and integrity found in the superyacht industry.

We hope you will not  file and forget?

In any event, we hope you enjoy this special brochure of marine paintings.

We hope you find this brochure charming and surprising.

The object of the brochure is unsurprisingly to promote the marine art of Gordon Frickers and unashamedly to encourage sales of prints and importantly, to inspire marine painting commissions.

The marine art of Gordon Frickers, marine painter is the choice of many distinguished people and famous companies.

You can see for yourself on page CV/resumee on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/about.html his artwork represents success achieved purely on merit.

Your encouragement and support is important and much appreciated.

Without the generous support of many people like you contributing ideas, info and very importantly as clients, this remarkable cultural web site and Gordon Frickers work would not be possible.

Our Navigation page acknowledges this and names some of our most helpful supporters (http://www.frickers.co.uk/navigation.html), a role of honour.

The time, enthusiasm, professionalism and above all knowledge of many good people has contributed to enrich this unique website.

Frickers.co.uk would not be possible without their expertise, patience and encouragement.

Great paintings take time.

If you are already thinking of a special marine painting, or indeed know someone who may, don’t hesitate to contact Gordon Frickers.

There are only so many paintings Gordon Frickers can produce per year so people interested should call and declare their interest ASAP, thank you.

For exclusive marine paintings,  memorable fine marine art of enduring worth contact (via the “palette” button top right of all pages) or better, meet the man, Gordon Frickers.