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Monaco Yacht Show, the day after…

This time I drove to Monaco from Nice, with the Monaco Yacht Show is officially finished parking is much easier.

Great  morning for meeting crews and photographing the yachts but one needs to be organised and quick.  GF_by_A_Nicolle_IMG_1930_b.JPG

I’d loved to have devoted some time to marine painting, oil or watercolours, probably water colours.

GF_by_Adrian_Nicolle_IMG_1922_b.jpgThe Marine Artist at work photos  here courtesy of Adrian Nicholle of Performance Yachts, builders of the immaculate super yacht Liara.

Most of the yachts,  all of the larger motor yachts were at sea by 11.00.

This because they are charged an extra day harbour dues if in Port Hercule after 11.00

Thus after mid day there is less and less reason to be in Monte Carlo except for fun, so after a pleasant light lunch in the sun I turned my car west, following the spectacular coast.

Passing Antibes I spotted (kind of hard to miss) a towering 3 masted square rig that could only be attached to the ultra modern and already famous super yacht “Maltese Falcon” ~ diversion, tourist moment!

Very unfortunately, in Antibes there is no chance of photographing the complete yacht unless they are putting to or returning from sea so I only got some quay shots.

While chatting to one of the maintenance crew I learnt Maltese Falcon had recently been recorded making 23.5 knots.

Regretable, even with my “Art Photographer” pass there was no chance of boarding Maltese Falcon, ce la vie, their loss as well as mine.

If I can find some decent photos of Maltese Falcon I might include her in a painting…

Given the diversion at Antibes, by the time I passed Jaun Les Pines it was time for afternoon tea on the beach and a last sunbathe and  swim in the Med.

That done, it’s Westward Ho! for the Midi Pyrenees and Itzac, another splendid adventure over all to soon.

Plenty of future subjects and ideas for marine art in my sketch books and cameras, lets hope this trip eventually pays off…

So, how best to follow up this experience and utilise the wonderful contacts made and knowledge gained?