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Monaco Yacht Show, day 4, more adventures

Final day of the Monaco Yacht Show, the world’s foremost exhibition for Superyachts. I have a plan of action…

I won’t have time for marine painting, or to look for possible commissions. I’ll not even have much time to take photographs.Masthead_wp.jpg

My new brochure (ask for a copy or down load free from www.frickers.co.uk home page) is being very well received.

I have been amused to have several people say, wow, collector’s item!

Amused because there were a lot of seriously expensive brochures at Monte Carlo!

What surprises are in store today?

The first surprise was produced by Alan Warren of Yachting World who kindly introduced me in generous terms to Jonathan Becket, Chief Exec of Burgess.

Burgess are the biggest of the 4 main superyacht brokers.  Bows__at_Monte_CarloIMG_6165_wp.jpg

A few minutes with Jonathan and I could see why, a very remarkable person, an instant repour, an unassuming air and great company.

A series of other fascinating meetings included quite a few media people, Colin Squire of Yachting Matters magazine (www.yachtfile.com)  and Jessica Lane of Yachting Pages (www.yachting-pages.com) both made some helpful suggestions and asked to be kept up to date with for any press releases I might have.

Colin asked to have a further talk about marine painting as painting has been a large part of his life and may yet be again.

Jessica was particularly kind giving me copies of  The Yachting Pages Superyacht Directory and SYOG, SuperYacht Owners Guide 2009 / 10, very smart publications in every sense, all sources of loads of solid, invaluable info, names and addresses,  for anyone who needs to finds people and info in the industry.

I was and having read them am more than pleased to have copies of these publications , thanks again Jessica.

Anyone know of a similarly extensive publication for the merchant shipping world?

The Monaco Yacht Show 2009 has changed my attitude to super yachts and their world.
I now see this world in a light more similar to events like Formula 1.

Yes it is very rich people having fun but it is more, much more.

Super yachts are not just mobile homes for the super rich.  Icon_at_Monte_Carlo_IMG_6172_wp.jpg

The crews are not lackeys, they are very respected professionals and have a remarkable opportunity to see a wider world.

Super yachts are a testing and proving ground for new ideas and new technologies which arguably more than with F1 will gradually filter out and enrich a wider world.

I came away awed by the people because I admire and respect the way they are pushing frontiers and upping the quality of life and possibilities for a far wider pubic than will ever tread the deck or feel the wheel of a super yacht.

I discovered I have a very special approach to marine painting to offer here.

I’d like to work with the best of these people.

I admired the standards set , I admired the quiet professional modesty of all the top people I met.