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Fabulous landscape painting subjects?

M_de_T_IMG_6024_wp.jpgA second social event at Itzac ? I have landscape painted many times around here as you can see from my website, this day was purely social.
The village of Itzac is the place to be?  


Today we of Itzac celebrated the “Inauguration du Moulin de Trottevielle”.


The village has restored the old watermill and beautifully too.  M_de_T_IMG_6025_wp.JPG


The mill looks to me to be straight out of the medieval period, what do you think? 


Some of the older people, born here can still recall the mill being used.


The occasion was marked by a ramble of many kilometres “pour les courageux une petite balade tranquille”  M_de_T_IMG_6030_wp.jpgM_de_T_IMG_6019_wp.jpg


We passed through a little of this beautiful countryside, our senses were kissed by a warm sun and the first hints of autumn colours.

People chatted amiably as you do, getting to know each other better.  


The and the evening dinner were good opportunities for getting to know people.

I was surprised how many turned out and how few I recognised, all the more reason to be there?  M_de_T_IMG_6027_wp.JPG

Photos to the right show “some one” bunking off the walk… and Francoise Boitel, decorator, and Alison Wilby property agent, (www.midi-maisons.com) discovering they may be able to help each other and become friends.


The most senior rambler is I am told 83 years old and he was not the last one to finish, an inspiration for us all?  M_de_T_IMG_6021_wp.jpg


The walk terminated in woodland in the the valley below Itzac by the restored mill.


A gathering of about 60 people of all ages celebrated with a “petit discourse” by Mayor Jack and an aperitif offert par Les Amis du Patrimoine “ beside the mill. 


This was followed in the evening by a communal dinner with live jazz band for a reasonable 16 euros per head.

The food and drinks were very pleasant as was the atmosphere and we were honoured by the presence of the mayors of Compagnac and Castelnau de Montmiral.


 How many villages outside France would make such an event ?

Congratulations to the Municipalite and the Comite des fetes?