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When does dinner become dinner party ?

I have been trying to invite my excellent friend and adopted French sister, Helene Ancelet, for a little dinner, not possible!

The idea was to show some appreciation of her wonderful friendship and catch up on news past and with autumn upon us, future events.

Doesn’t work like that with Helene.   GF_fete_IMG_6015_wp.jpg
Next thing I know we have 15 invited guests and a party on my hands Concersations  ranged widely, and not about marine art! Between us over 10 languages were spoken ! 

It took me 3 hours to clear up this morning!
We ate well. Highlights including a large joint of Cornish Lamb, a chicken, spicy lamb sausages, a veggie curry (I made that he says proudly) and Claire de Soissons made huge chocolate gateaux to which Ruth Boddington added a raspberry sorbet…

Drink, did I mention wine?
We drank very well including some very good red wines,
If you don’t drink skip the next parra!

Drinks sampled and subsequently recommande ~ Our local Domaine du Barry 2006, Domaine de la Croix d’Argis (Jura) 2001, Larose Gachete du Château Lamothe 2006 La lande de Pomerol, Cru Bourgois Château Coufran Haut Médoc 2002, Domaine de Gineste 2005 (Gaillac), Les Petites Baies Minervois 2007 and of course the inévitable whiskies, a decent Calvados, Pere Magloire and Armagnac de Pouyet.

There was more but by the time you have read the above you probably need a drink…   GF_fete_IMG_6018_wp.jpg

Everyone here contributes which adds to the fun and reduces costs. People
here in the N Tarn are very kind and amicable bringing not only them selves but more food and drinkies, excellent!
I finished with a full fridge, almost as much wine as I started with and very content guests.

You up for this next time?