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HMS Victory for sale

The ship model of HMS Victory by Bob Pearce is definitely still for sale

Bob has just emailed me to confirm this, the case size and price. If interested in this rare chance to obtain a fine ship model of Victory in her Trafalgar 1805 condition, contact this web site or phone Bob Pearce. Bob wrote; ” Michael Ellis has just handed to me your e-mail that you sent to him, regarding my model of H.M.S. Victory. It is still for sale. Just to remind you of the size of the display case that the model is in. It measures 1330mm long, 1075mm high, and 490mm wide.

                          Thank you for your interest in this.
                           My asking price is £1,200.
                           If you or your contacts wish to phone me about the model, the best time to phone would be in the evening. My home number is 0208 580 4843.

                           I look forward to hearing from you,
                                                                            best wishes, Bob Pearce“.