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Ancient village rocked til the early hours!

The week end just passed is a big event in France, 90 % of shops shut. I was not allowed to buy one single drink…  CdM_sat_eve_IMG_5937_wp.jpg

You might think this an odd place 3 hours drive inland to find a marine artist, to create marine art?    CdM_sat_eve_IMG_5943_wp.jpg

Read of and have a taste of some reasons why

Being S W France, of course there was much food, drink, singing  and dancing.  CdM_fete_avec_Nashville_IMG_5918_wp.jpg

Castelnau de Montmiral, my favourite village (except maybe St Emilion, Sauternes, etc etc…) , the 13th century bastide village (just 10 minutes drive from Itazac or Gaillac) hosted free of charge, 4 evenings of live music. 

The music varied from jazz to heavy rock with old rocknroll and many other genre in between and of course disco.

Most of the live musicians played for 3 or 4 hours.   CdM_fete_avec_Nashville_IMG_5916_wp.jpg

Groups included: Sangria Gratuite, Les Charrettes, Nashville, and Les Nouveaux Nes with an excellent disco by Menergy.  
For what it’s worth, I’d recommend any of them.

I was impressed by the quality of the music about 25 % of which was Anglo American and sung in English.

Parking was easy and some 2 or 3 hundred people attended most evenings including the entire age spectrum from new born to ancients.  IMG_5926_wp.JPG

The atmosphere was completely warm, amiable, the plentiful food and drink just a few Euros, wines and beer flowed, total strangers often linking arms and dancing together.

On the Saturday night I tried to leave at 23.30 but kept being stopped by my French friends none of whom allowed me to buy a single drink.

I finally got away “earlier” than previous nights at 02.00!

If even I managed to get my feet dusty dancing and knew some of the songs you would have had a “ball”!   IMG_5934_wp.JPGIMG_5930_wp.JPG

All this in temperatures of + 25 C, with a cool, very light breeze,  under a moon that looked as if the Castelnau de Montmiral Office de Tourisme had ordered it specially!

Why do people in the SW of France live so long, I’d have thought they’d wear each other out?  CdM_fet_de_Music_IMG_5929_wp.jpg