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Cordes sur Ciel (Cordes in the sky)

Cordes_eve_IMG_5180_wp.jpgCordes, an evening view with vineyards.

My first outdoor study for 18 months so bit of a warm up.

I plan more soon.

Been handicapped by poor health but that is slowly passing thank G-d, and to many other tasks including many commissions.

Now the problem is the weather.

So far June in the SW of France has been more like a wet April and this evening we are experiencing one of the heaviest squall I have seen here.

Hailstones, viz down to 1/2 a mile, thunder, gale force gusts of wind and the barometer continues to fall, when will summer return so we can paint “plein aire” and get a tan???

The country side here is magnificent, ablaze with colour, wild flowers abound, when will, the high temperatures return?