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New Lease of life for Prince Phillip?

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, remains unchanged, for the moment.  prince_p_IMG_4983_wp.jpg

However, much around him has changed.

The Prince and the Yoeman”  http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/prince_and_yeoman.html is a rather special marine painting , but…  that terrible 3 letter word, I have had several problems with this painting for a long time and am delighted to have sorted them out.

With the possibility of an important exhibition of my work coming up soon maybe in Brussels at the European Parliament, I have reassesed this painting, given it the GF21st century treatment.

The most obvious issue was the poor quality of the image we can show you on our web site.

While most people appreciate that for technical reasons, it is currently impossible to reproduce subtle colours accurately on the Internet, our picture was suffering from down grade.


“The Prince and the Yoeman” was first posted in the early days of this web site, 1998.

If you are in touch with the latest solutions fro this issue I’d seriously like to hear from you!!!

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“The Prince and the Yoeman” has been re photographed following some changes to the painting and the new version will appear on the web site soon, with several excellent details.


This painting is special for quite a few reasons:

it may be the only contemporary painting recognisably showing his royalness, in existence;

and  not least this marine painting results from first hand experience at Cowes Week.

Bit of a shame the Royals or Aishers don’t own it, still, some is going to be lucky.

The Duke, at Cowes Week, disrespectfully known by the sailors as “Phil the Greek“, had for many years played an active role at this possibly the world’s most famous regatta, at Cowes Week.

He  sails as do others of the Royal family, also he in particular is credited with making a number of very helpful suggestions to improve Cowes Week and having a decent sense of humour.

For example having made a mistake on the water (we all do at times) a fellow competitor yelled at him “Do you think you own the R***y place?” to which he modestly replied, “no, but my wife does“.


Having decided to paint Prince Phillip sailing, the problem was how.

Photographing the duke is actively discouraged as he is on vacation, besides I would not wish to be intrusive if only because one then gets an un natural reaction. 

I found a way to discreetly observe him while he was racing the Aisher family’s Sigma 38 XXVIII

One of the results is shown on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/yeoman_leads.html.

That painting astonished Nick Bonham (Bonham’s Auction House, Knighsbridge), a painting, accurate in detail and finished before the race was over? (http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/yeoman_leads.html)

Nick Bonham refered to  “Prince Phillip leading” as showing a typical Cowes week summer day and to me as “Britain’s best undiscovered marine artist“.

The other reasons this painting bothered me included the scale of the second group of yachts and the shaded side of Yoeman.

Those issues have now been corrected.

The result I hope you will agree is a better balanced more natural painting, transforming it from interesting to excellent?