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Nudists and Mont St Michael

3 new paintings completed this week and going to Audrey Hinks for the May exhibition of Gallerie Marin,     Plage_des_nudiste__Meneham__detail_IMG_4897_wp.jpg


These paintings are part of an emerging series of scenes currently being painted, along the French coast including many nudist, surfer beaches and some ports.

If you want to know more before they are sold, hit “contact us” but be quick to avoid disappointment.

Audrey, now a very senior citizen,  has been running Gallerie Marin, Appledore, N Devon for well over 25 years.

Her May Exhibition is always well attended, buyers always confident knowing they are going to see some special work chosen by Audrey with care and skill.

This year despite the heart breaking loss of her soul mate Alan last Autumn, Audrey decided life is just to dull without her Gallerie Marin so she says  the new show will be bigger n better with new attractions!

Audrey comes from a sea faring family of illustrious pedigree hence Gallerie Marin.

However when she visited Gordon Frickers some 17 years ago it was his experimental French landscapes that bowled her over.

The paintings started as a result of Gordon’s determination to understand his peculiar and rare colour vision.

The complexities of which make painting, for him, more difficult and when he chooses to paint “as he sees” as opposed to as he has learnt, for other people surprising and more rewarding. (see  http://www.frickers.co.uk/colour/index.html or “contact us” to learn more)

Audrey has been enthusiastic about these works ever since and her gallery has a significant demand for Gordon’s French work.

Audrey said the emotions, in many cases the sense of heat, powerful handling of the colours, confident direct painting, and much more struck her as extra ordinary; she has many clients who agree and you can make up your own mind by viewing the originals or at least contacting Audrey.

You can contact the remarkable Audrey on 01237 474231 or via audreyhinks@nullgalleriemarin.co.uk or vist the gallerie at 38 Market Street, Appledore EX 39 1PP. 

Audrey  is none to quick with the net and besides just for fun a vist to beautiful Appledore is always worth while, plus as it is impossible  accurately reproduce paintings on the Internet,  there is no substitute for seeing the real thing.