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"all hands on deck", L'Occitane style

This morning saw a very tired Gordon Frickers responding to “all hands on deck” at 09.30  3_fellers_tree_felling_IMG_4872_wp.jpg

The day before I’d had a  12 hour drive from Ceaux near Mont Saint Micheal with a call at Rennes (never did find the synagogue, anyone know where it is?).

I arrived back at Itzac  before dusk exhausted but in time to welcome in Peasuch.

My first ever experience of a Peasuch alone.

My neighbours had decided they needed my help to prune a very large branch from an Oak tree.

Of course I could not say no and as I know a little about wood, thought I might be useful, that turned out to be very drole…

Happily it was a beautiful warm sunny morning and I was surprised to see how much the spring had advanced during my few days in the North, in particular the flowers which are now nothing short of magnificent.

Three locals were “in charge”, all over 80 and all spoke French with an accent slightly Spanish to my ear and quite incomprehensible plus they spoke fluent L’Occitane.

You may know the origine of this language and culture said to pre date French in this region?  

Fortunately Chris Boddington who got me into this fine mess was there to translate.

I was not needed for the felling.

Our friends had a well developed technique involving a chain saw, tractor and ropes.

Really quite modern and very efficient!

As Chris pointed out, these men had been felling trees around here for 70 years each.

Thus my task was limited to the jobs the seniors did not fancy, clearing up and driving a mini tractor with trailer, quite fun on a nice day.

When I was taught traditional boat building at Falmouth, and in the text books on timber for boat building, there was nothing about using a tractor to fell branches, what else have I missed?