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"Mauretania", THE Cunard Express Steamer, lots of questions…

Who knows the answer to this critical riddle?   Maure_det_2_IMG_4549_wp.jpg 

Problems encountered when  trying to upgrade the image quality of this picture on the web site.

I have been unable to save larger images than about 22KB.  Anything larger crashes both my PC’s

This web site page file (http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/mauretania.html) has it’s origins in 1999, not long after we started building my original web site.

I have also added  re written, improved title, nugget etc. to our database for my web master to upload as soon as he can.


The reason for our image download problems  might be poor down loading by Itzac wifi during periods of high pressure. What do you think please?
Are the attached images of sufficient quality for the website, scale of 1 t0 10, 10 being best?
What image size is prefered for the web site?
Ref: pc screens, I am getting a very significant difference between my old PC with a 17″ old style monitor and the new PC with a new 22″ flatscreen.

Who knows a way to have all our screens compatable?
We have also learnt to beware  image quality deteriorating in M/S Paint or similar popular programs.

For the moment we can  work on a copy, keeping the original.
At least until we find some soft wear that can match our screens but where the what the who the???
It must exist, we can’t be the first with this problem?

This is a very common web site problem if one is to judge by the poor image quality of many other pictorial web sites.

By the way, there are at least 2 “official” spellings of Mauretania / Mauritania. I hope I have chosen the same one Cunard Line usually use?