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Yiddish, Jazz, Rock and St Patrick.

Yiddish eve 1 wp_2.JPG  A congenial Yiddish evening last night in Gaillac, started at the Mediatheque beside the town hall.

I was able to join about 50 people including a wide age range attending this evening of stories and music and a typically soulful Yiddish song thanks to my friend Helene Ancelet.
Much of the music had a background that surprised me. It had suggestive echoes of Jazz and Rock.

Although my Father loved the richness of Yiddish culture and spoke the language fluently, I know little about the Yiddish world so am curious, doubly so to see how French people might inteperate it.
This world was as you know, almost annialated during World War 2. As a child I was traumatised by pictures and stories of the Holocaust and meeting survivors so have been late coming to terms with this aspect of my heritage and past.

A few people left early, 95 % seemed to enjoy the gentle entertainment.
The children in particular had no hesitation with the interactive aspects.

This interests me at several levels.

I like the rather old style public story telling, beautifully presented with a little acting.
I found the language hard to follow and much of the music unfamiliar but that seems to me all the more reason to be there.
At the close of the evening there was dancing and people were able to meet and exchange addresses.


Several were curious about me and it transpired the singer is an Art teacher in Gaillac. 

Friday night may not have been the best choice because any observant Jew would be unable to attend however 3 of us managed to be there.

I’d like to know more.
Will this lead to some interesting new friendships?

After, for some light amusement I visited the Bar Irlande.
Live music was played of the Red Hot Chilli pepper sort all evening to a very crowded bar.  Rather a lot of very large French men in rugby shirts and of course being the south of France lots of beautiful women.
It happened to be a St Patrick’s night celebration (in some Irish bars every night is!) thus I eventually returned home with a huge Leprechaun hat and a big grin.
My first experience of a night out alone in Gaillac, where next?