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ZEVEN PROVINCIEN, the miniature


Many thanks for your recent response relative to the ZEVEN PROVINCIEN.
Your information was quite helpful and I plan to follow up with the contact to Mr. Voss shortly.

I would be most delighted to have my work made mentioned on your blog, as well as my site being linked to yours.
In kind, I will speak to my webhost in a few weeks and have your site featured on my Links Page.
This, coming after I complete BATAVIA.Rex_Stewart__5A_0004_wp.jpg

At the time of this writing I’m nearly finished with the miniature and will be jpegging you some photos sometime next week for your reading page. There’s so much I need to do with my site relative to having a blog, new added pages, etc.
But with raising our girl there’s only time to produce work and honor what commissions come by ‘word of mouth’ and now, most recently, the site.

I duly appreciate your assistance relative to Mr. Voss and the link exchange.

Will be sending jpegs next week or shortly thereafter. Many thanks!