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Saint Malo, the city of corsairs

st-malo-phare-de-lalet-eFrancoise at St Malo was a challenge both to me personally and to my limited French.

Saint Malo, the city of corsairs and has a history of independance, at one time declaring itself a republic, ignoring bans on trade with England during wars and producing some of France’s most famous sea men.
Before I left Castelnau de Montmiral Helene told me to be very cool so I tried to be and failed; miserably.

My impression of Francoise includes; charming, chatty, confident, sincere, sexy, also street wise, bright, quick and can be very decisive. She has a soft musical voice, Celtic colouring and a feminine figure, not classical but 100% womanly.
We were both aware we did not /do not have a lot of time.

Despite Helene’s well meant advice Francoise soon had us discussing what we have in common, our problems and the possibility of a meaningful relationship…
I am single, living in the far SW, she still lives without love with the father of her 10 year old daughter. The child not un naturally wants the parents to stay together.

Francoise has no future there and supports both financially (apparently he is a great artist so rarely does any paid work).

On the Saturday I was shown some of the very beautiful coast and villages and taken to a lunch time birthday party where I was surprised to be treated as a friend and celebrity guest.
The afternoon terminated rather abruptly, I did not know why.
With the combined problems of my French being miss understood and my habitual bad luck with women I assumed I’d put both feet in it again and that was that.

No message replied to my text the next morning.
Thus I thought nuts to this I’ll go and load the car and leave early Monday…
A little text arrived while I was loading, “tu est ou?”
I texted an appropriate answer, no reply.
I got back to St Malo, I texted to say when I was back at the hotel, no reply.

Half an hour later there was a little tap tap on my hotel room door…
Despite what could have been a serious miss understanding (she thought I said “you are not the woman for me” so left promptly – which from my perspective given no explanation and being a bloke, naturally I though here we go again, put my foot on another landmine.
She took me to me a delightful part of the old city which I was unaware existed. We parked on a quay almost beside the famous replica corsair sloop “Le Reynard”.
We enjoyed a good dinner including wine for a modest 25 Euros and regretted we had to part all too soon. We’d had a sweet evening.