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an insufficient test of character

All well here. Apart from I / we missed the Nouveaux Gaillac eve in Gaillac yesterday, drat.
This is quite a big social

occassion in this region where the town not the province gives it’s name to the regional wines, which has been producing here since Roman times.
Sorry I missed a Channel crossing yesterday, friends of mine chickened out and tunnelled which despite a recent fire closing one side of the tubes, was they said very quick – or maybe because the fire made the traindrivers nervous???.
Sounds like it was my kind of sea.
I gather soon after winds rose to an average speed of 100KPH – getting to be a good blow at that speed, not up to Cornish standards.
Been windy here to by Tarn standards, about Force 6 (25 to 30 mph), showers of leaves and wet roads with patchy surfaces making driving exciting at night in the rain!

Snow has reached nearby Aveyron and there are reports of avalanches but as far as I can tell, none in Aveyron or the Tarn!
Our furry friends are well. Lizzie has been near me most of the day and George who hates rain,  after yesterday’s rain which he mostly slept through, seems to have decided he ought to take things easy for a while.

Not too cold here, about 10C during the day.
Christmas decs are starting to go up in the towns and the Fr TV keeps showing excited children being encouraged to turn lights on.
What happened to being energy conscious?
I thought I’d sorted my PC it’s running 85% + full, today until I found a vital work file (holds details of all the print sales including which numbers have gone etc has been deleted but the separate hard drive failed to copy it (and several other files). 
As if that is , deleting large numbers of files has made almost no difference to the info on the hard drive which I now guess must be largely programme files, maybe…

My PC is 5 + years old and things have moved on so it might be for the best.

Maybe this is my guardian angel trying to tell me some thing?

I’d rather not buy a new PC, may have little choice though.
You know the feeling? ?