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Are hidden speed cameras, ambushes legal?

Winter draws on!

A mere 2 weeks ago we were still in t shirts, shorts and sandals. Now its winter draws on.

Autumn golds are changing to brown and many trees are half bare.

The first of November is a public holiday in France.
Winter is said to arrive here on the 1st of November.

Certainly the weather has changed dramatically, much colder with frequent rain born on mostly North and West winds.

Temperatures went down for a week to 3C at night and 8C during the day. On the other hand there is snow even in SW England…

Now 15C seems quite mild. We don’t seem to have gales as understood in Devon and Cornwall, force 7 seems to be considered very windy here.

I found the wind gusting at night familiar and some how re assuring.

The vacation tv seems to be focused on speed traps as are the Police.
They are very active at week ends and in particular over vacations.

The Police in France are operating a zero tolerance campaign on speeding and are generally quite hard on minor offences.
I have known a young Mum booked because a child on a rear seat was not in a safety belt and people cautioned for not totally stopping at a junction, white line and halt sign or not.
The latest purges include fines including on tourists of Eu300 for not carrying a yellow jacket or warning triangle

The French police are well equipped and often hidden in ambush.

This is not a critisism, I am just telling you how it is, make of it what you will.

If hidden speed traps are legal in Europe why are fixed cameras clearly marked, even shown on Navigators and road maps ?