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The marine world has lost a champion.

Commander Mike Gilbert, Royal Navy, Mike Gilbert Chief Exec Mount Batten Watersports Centre, Mike Gilbert President of Maritime Plymouth.

I was aware Mike had stood down as Chairman of Maritime Plymouth last May.
I was unaware until today that Mike died recently.

I am very deeply saddened to hear we have lost Mike. The marine world and Maritime Plymouth in particular has lost a champion.
I have requested George Skinner when it is appropriate and he has a moment in his busy days, to kindly forward my sincere condolences to his family, thank you George.

I would like Mike’s family to know I appreciated his endeavours, considered him a good friend.

Mike could spot talent, valued experience and could be a useful ally to bureaucracies. Mike had a wider vision of our future than most including being keenly aware of the advantages of marine painting in promoting the marine world and marine businesses. He actively encouraged of my work, thank you Mike.

I shared many of his hopes and goals for Plymouth.

Mike had many very fine qualities both personal and professional. Thinking of him a flood of memories come back, every single one positive.

I always found him good company, an engaging person on many levels.
I particularly loved his enthusiasm, dedication and devotion to things maritime and continue to admire that which he and his team strive to achieve for Plymouth and the marine world.

I regret I will be unable to attend his memorial service at St. Andrews Church on Thursday, 6th November, at 1245 hrs.
I will, however remember Mike particularly on that day, including in my prayers.

If there is anything I can do to help please ask.