Two Approaches

This page offers a very brief overview of the two types of painting produced by Gordon Frickers.
If you want to find out more, copious supplementary information is available on all aspects of Gordon’s work.
These include images and explanatory texts.

All the paintings, some more than others, are given a unique quality by Gordon’s special colour vision, gifts he shares with some of the great masters of the past.


Richard Branson, Chay Blyth and the Blue Ribband

Gordon Frickers has been producing images of boats since childhood.
He started as a professional in 1983.
Since then he has produced images of all sorts – historical vessels, racing dinghies, superyachts, commercial shipping, merchant sail and warships. He paints for people who really understand the sea and the unique qualities of ships and boats.
He takes great trouble to choose situations that best show each boat’s characteristics and character.
He is especially able to do this on account of his experience as a sailor, his knowledge of ship and boat construction and his deep interest in marine history.

In these paintings Gordon gives priority to authenticity and attention to detail.

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H.M. Schooner "Pickle", carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar





The Promenade

In these paintings Gordon shows a more expressionist side to his personality.
Due to his exceptional drawing skills Gordon is able to work with an unusual speed and fluency and paints with a great deal of spontaneous freedom and panache.
They are given a unique quality by Gordon’s special colour vision.
Far from being a disadvantage, this gives Gordon a highly individual way of seeing which provides him with colour excitements that are not available to the vast majority of artists.

Clansman departing Castlebay, Barra

For other introductory material please consult:

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