Lord Nelson, Bristol

A poignant story … I remember her well, brain child of my friend Chris Rudd, I painted her from G A’s before she was built and again twice the day she was launched. I still have one of the paintings of her launching, made on location. If anyone wishes to buy this unique record of … Read more

Frozen Fury available

What goes around comes around?
“Frozen Fury” was commissioned by an eye witness, a survivor of PQ 13, Mr. H. Mills.

Convoy PQ19 attacked by JU 88’s

I’ve been asked by a descendant, to find a buyer for this very unique painting.
Contact me if interested in investing in this very special painting.

Russian version, front cover

Front cover of the Russian version of the book “Frozen Fury”, 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″). editor/ co author Igor Kozyr.

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Surrender monkeys

To share a reply with you, which I made to a none to serious comment about Europeans being “all surrender monkeys”.
Trafalgar Dawn, British Perspective.
The truth can be found in reading more than the Hooray Victorian propaganda.
Trafalgar Dawn French Perspective.
As leading authorities like my friend Mr Peter Goodwin, author of 17 naval books, former Keeper and Curator for 20 years, of HMS Victory will confirm.
🇬🇧 : It is true to say the British fleet was far better trained and lead, also technically considerably advanced.
Examples, firing locks on all guns [not lit by match], advance signal code [over 4,000 words and phrases].

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Cock of the Seas

“Cutty Sark” and “Thermopylae”, the most famous of the famous tea clippers. 76 x 101 cm (30″ x 40″), price £8,000.00. Painting renamed, now elegantly framed, website page revised. “Like Father’s like son”, I too visited Cutty Sark when of a tender age. In those days she still had a scent of tea ! Discover, … Read more

Bright Yellow?

What was / is Bright yellow on warships and why important to my ‘Trafalgar Collection?

A Detail from ‘First Shots’

More than one ship today sports a curious choice of yellow line on her hull.
Quite different from ‘Nelson’s Bright Yellow’.

‘First shots’, HMS Victory at Trafalgar …

At that time [1995] Victory was painted Chrome Yellow.
As a marine artist I knew Chrome yellow was very expensive before 1820.
I suggested it was an error to use it for 1805.
Consternation !
Victory is the Royal Navy’s most famous icon !

Nelson’s Bright Yellow

I researched the colours, external and internal, at Portsmouth and elsewhere, together with Mr. Peter Goodwin when he was ‘Keeper and Curator of HMS Victory.

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