Golden Hinde

A ‘Wheels Down’ salute to the Golden Hinde.

Golden Hinde & Red Arrows, July 1982
To the men who served her during her astonishing circumnavigation, Golden Hinde is the second ship to make a circumnavigation, and the replica ship built at Appledore, Devon, and her people.
One of several photographs I made in 1982 at Falmouth, Cornwall, enjoy.

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A Leica remarkable and inspirational story for you.

Wearing my ‘Photographer’ hat I know that Leica was the first high quality 35 mm ‘stills’ camera and was a much prized trophy for Allied servicemen during the First World War.
Today Leica cameras and lenses remain among the very best quality you can buy.
Now with their belated permission that the story of The Leica Freedom Train is published, the Jewish people will ensure the memory of their humanity and bravery is never forgotten. Thank you Linda Baker for bringing this remarkable and inspirational story to our attention.

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Cape Trafalgar

At Cape Trafalgar

I’m reminded by post on the ‘Battle of Trafalgar’ Facebook page by Hari Singh Shekhawat of my visit to Cape Trafalgar with two French colleagues as part of my research while ‘Official Artist’ to HMS #Victory during the preparations for Trafalgar 200.

Cape Trafalgar, Michele Huve, Nichole Poullaouec

For me it felt a bit eerie to gaze at the seaward horizon and think of the 21st of October 1805.

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New video


New video: ‘The Port of Chester (1863)”,

this major art work is I’m pleased to report still attracting attention and back in the news this week.


Port of Chester 1863

‘Port of Chester & The River Dee basin and lock’ I am delighted to say features my painting 3 times.

Bob Moore of the Pastfinder Channel wrote to me “While “researching the old port of Chester UK and browsing the internet I came across your marvellous painting entitled ‘The Port of Chester (1863)’ “.

This new video is available for viewing on Youtube, more of that in a moment.

First, let’s set the scene for you.

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Autumn”A man shall have his seasons as a leaf upon a tree” : should be a painting ! from a traditional English folk song often played in East Sussex when I lived there building boats. I don’t recall the title of the song. I made this photograph a few years astern while living in the … Read more

The Mayflower

Mayflower off Rame Head, painting progress 08.09.21, painting nearing completion. I still have the crew and rigging to add, the sea to complete then ‘tidy up’ so quite a few more hours to invest here. “The Mayflower off Rame Head, 40 x 63 cm (25 3/4″ x 15 3/4”). Mayflower is painted here simply because … Read more

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah, Shanah Tovah, it’s New Year !

To all my many Jewish family, friends and colleagues, Shana Tova U’Metuka!
In Hebrew: שנה טובה‎; meaning “I wish you to have a good and sweet year”.
David’s Tower, Jerusalem 1984

A watercolour, now for sale, 23 x 30 cm (9″ x 12″) available £ 450, made during my first visit to Israel.

Discover more on my page “Israel Paintings“.

We don’t wish each other a “happy new year” so what does a Jewish New Year represent?
What is Jewish new year, for that matter who are Jews and what do they ‘stand’ for?

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