Black Lives Matter?

Drake and slavery

Knocking down statues has become the ‘in’ thing among part of our population.

Now- Wow we have a proposal to knock off Sir Francis Drake, remove his statue from Plymouth Hoe.

'Golden Hinde'
Drake’s ‘Golden Hinde’

If you disagree I suggest you sign the petition to keep the statue on site in place.

We might as well knock down the Pyramids as they were allegedly built by slave labour.

Such vandalism would be bad for tourism !

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Entertain, Inspire, Inform

Robin Knox-Johnston, an inspiring sailor, a real man, a role model, a film worth watching?

I feel honoured to have been commissioned to make #paintings 3 times, “Roaring Forties“, “The Clipper Way” and “Dumra departing Bombay“.

I produced prints for the first two paintings made for Sir Robin #Knox#Johnston which we both signed [a few copies are still available], and I am proud to be considered one of his friends.

‘Roaring Forties’ as framed

Roaring Forties” subsequently is and continues to be reproduced in journals world wide and is a proven influential painting.

Robin still is a considerable influence and benefit for many lives, mine included.

Some years ago Robin and I were discussing our roles in life.

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Changing times

‘New and Old, Further Reading’ gets more and more interesting… Following a topic raised elsewhere on Facebook, I’ve upgraded this page on my web site : the url is This somewhat haunting painting measures 35 x 46 cm (14″ x 18″) and is available for a modest £/€ 1,250.00, your purchase payments can be … Read more

Bells, 6 June

Bells will be rung at 18:44 (6.44 pm) on June 6, the Clochers de la Liberté (freedom bells) commemoration in many countries.
This to mark the 76th anniversary of D-Day in an initiative started by history enthusiasts from France.
Captain Alan Frickers
This is to ensure that the anniversary is marked, despite the fact that there are no official events in Normandy this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Unexpected guests

Unexpected guests and a surprising dinner in my salon/studio. I had the pleasure of a first visit of many I hope by Gwen Clerivet [accordionist] and Vaness Marillier [chantress/actress]. For your amusement I tried to post here a couple of spontaneous videos. Regrettably I could not get them to down load, a software issue. Better … Read more

Thank YOU

Thank you for being my friends, wish you were here…
I consider myself very fortunate and made sure a glass was raised to all my absent friends in particular those of you who phoned or sent best wishes via the internet.
You are all much appreciated, I think I’m lucky to be in contact with so many remarkable people. Knowing, communicating with, you folk helps get me through my sometimes difficult days.
Wish you were here… I learned more about organising a party when living alone, mostly via my mistakes.
Everyone of my guests contributed to the eventual success of the evening, we ate well, drank well and all agreed this won’t be the last time.

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Une fete French style ; not my usual ‘salon’. My perspective , without balloons, fairy lights, candles and copious good wine it’s not a proper fete / party… If you compare the room by scrolling down to see it in action as my studio you’ll graphically see what I mean … The sharp eyed among … Read more