A le musée Lapérouse

What were you doing today?
I was in glorious Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage town.

Albi, Tarn, France
Albi, a view

I started with the Lapérouse museum. LAPÉROUSE, CITIZEN OF THE WORLD. as in the French answer to Captain Jame Cook.

le musée Lapérouse
At le musée Lapérouse

Jean-François de Galaup de Lapérouse of Albi.
Then shopping for clothes and ‘things’ for my house.

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Representing France

A major event, THE festival of Lanterns.
If you possibly can, visit this fete on show for the third and last time at Gaillac.

Fete des Lanternes

This is nothing less than Gaillacois Tarn representing all France to China and vice versa.
Previously the Chinese have always chosen major cities, Toronto, Hamburg, Boston and San Francisco USA and so on.

This year this festival, unique in Europe opens 1 st December for 2 months.

Le site internet officiel = https://festivaldeslanternes-gaillac.fr/ ainsi que la page Facebook officielle = https://www.facebook.com/Festival-des-Lanternes-Gaillac-313632982438151/

Fete des Lanternes

The mayor of Gaillac made a brilliant, inspiring speech.

The evening included lavishing wines, foods and a disco on guests

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This is where Matt and I are staying, after a day at St Emilion, story on my other web site blog, we are very near Gaillac to we become Gaillacois Tarn. I had called Herve to ask if he could recommend a gite or modest hotel. Bless him he insisted we stay in his home. … Read more

Titanic Progress

Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour“, after Norman Wilkinson. A major painting in progress. Titanic’s voyage was soon over, these two paintings sail on to become an addition to the brief life and long story, Titanic’s story.   Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour‘ measures exactly as the original and is presented on the identical  type of canvas, 79.5 x 172 … Read more

Chris Fagg

It is with the greatest sadness that it falls to me Ladies, and gentlemen, on behalf of his sister Jo and family; it is also my privileged honour, to announce we have lost Chris Fagg

Chris, James, Gordon, Nov 2018

Chris has gone from this the ‘cloud cuckoo land’ he often laughed about to what we hope is a better place.
My deepest sympathy goes to his surviving family especially his sister Jo, and to all his good friends. I wish you all long life.

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Samuel Plimsol

Unfinished, progressing nicely, this charming miniature measures 19.6 x 24.8 cm (7¾” x 9¾”) so you are probably seeing larger than life size.

Samuel Plimsol, unfinished , progressing nicely 26.11.19

This Samuel Plimsol will ‘sail’ to its lucky owner well before the coming Christmas.

If you’d like a painting like this, now you know where to come.

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An honour

An invitation, Fete of Lanterns, an honour, an artist’s influence.

I’m told previous Fete of Lanterns have attracted 650,000 visitors. Would you agree, impressive for mid winter?

I’ve been invited, the only Englishman and as far as I know only European artist, to the opening ceremony of the next Fete des Lanterns, by the mayor and council of Gaillac, 18.00, 30 November.

If that is not an honour, you tell me what is?

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Mary where are you?

John Sheppard having seen my recent painting “Schooner Race“, wrote to me on the My Maritime Page asking : “Great stuff! Are there any drawings for the Mary?”
Schooners Off Falmouth, Cornwall
‘Schooner Race’, commissioned by a gentleman in Florida with a family connection.
There may be drawings of the ‘Mary of Truro‘. I had a dossier on her when I first painted this scene in 1989 … now wertizit… ?

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