Lie said to truth

‘Lie said to Truth’, not one of my paintings, an exquisite work though. A painting with a story worthy I think of remembering. The Lie said to the Truth, “Let’s take a bath together, the well water is very nice. The Truth, still suspicious, tested the water and found out it really was nice. So … Read more

Good and Bad

Lies adversely affect us all bringing ruin. . The lies that underpin antisemitism begin in the media, hence my post above and that’s where are specialists who offer you guidance. Reading, recommending, helping HonestReporting is no longer just about helping Israel, it’s a way for you to help your own community back at home when faced … Read more


Brest 96, the fleet departing Painting at Brest, I’ve made a better quality photograph and tidied up the text for this website page, enjoy ! 40 x 58 cm (16″ x 23″),  for sale, available, offers from £ 750. Brest 96, a painting made on location of the fleet as it departed Brest. One of … Read more

BBC bias

BBC has “misplaced its moral compass.”

Long Buried Report on BBC Anti-Israel Bias Deserves to be Published.
You can demand unbiased reporting by a major news institution, not just for Jewish people, of us all.

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If artists colour vision interests you take a look at this updated page
It’s about how and why people see, in particular artists.
Red Bales 2
What is there in common with Gordon Frickers colour experience and paintings by the grand masters know to have visual ‘defects’?
Men like Renoir and Cézanne, Albrecht Dürer, Titian and Rembrandt, Monet and Degas, what does this tell us about their sense of colour vision?

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Day out

A splendid day off before sticking my nose back onto my keyboard. Beautiful warm sunny weather and lunch at Pipriac with delightful French friends. A French lunch usually takes 3 to 6 hours so it was evening before I went to La Roche-Bernard for the first post lockdown ‘gathering’ L’Assos Bernez, au Pisse Mémé ! … Read more

Charlestown revisited

The White Ship

‘The White Ship’ in Charlestown, 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″)

Charlestown, her home port, a newly completed painting so now available for sale.
The White Ship
The White Ship, Charlestown
‘The White Ship’ in Charlestown, 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″)

I’m sometimes asked “how long did it take to paint?”

While I can a do make a painting at times in minutes The White Ship’ in Charlestown has been in production for 4 decades.

Good painting takes time, great painting takes longer.

If you want to commission one of my paintings, the sooner we start the sooner you will have a great painting.

Discover more by visiting my new page , profit, enjoy.

I had this canvas hanging around for decades, an unfinished canvas of Charlestown that quite unexpectedly asked me to complete it.
This painting shows the port not as now, as I remember it when it was still a working port. 

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