Yet again the topic of slavery crossed my path today so permit me to share my response with you please.
Let us put the record straight and be proud of the British record on slavery.
The British have an awesome record regarding slavery.
Author Peter Goodwin, G Frickers, HM Sloop Racehorse.
The video gives some worthwhile balance to the topic.
“American Reacts to “The British Crusade Against Slavery” :
You did not know about the British and slavery?
You are in good company.

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A lovely way to start the day

A completely unexpected message :
“I saw a lovely painting you did on the lugger ‘Barnabas’ years ago and in the text you wondered where she was now.
Barnabas, lugger

Cornish Lugger, ‘Barnabas‘, Barnabas, lugger, 23 X 35 cm (9″ x 14″) Watercolour, made approximately 1974.

Available £/€ 357 from my website page via Paypal or bank to bank payment.

 An very early example of my emerging talent so potentially a good investment as my reputation grows.

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Here’s a reminder of summers to come Vendée one of the sunniest parts of #France  as a January gale rages outside my snug home.

Vendée 2,  Antidote to January blues !
 47 x 62 cm (18,5″x 24,5″)

Available £/€ 500.

> with your credit card Purchase Now  < via Paypal, in any currency, or £/, or bank to bank; or in instalments by arrangement, contact Gordon Frickers.

How much in my currency?

 Try this   free XE Currency converter.

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Cornwall, Mermaid's Pool

Mermaids, questions answered on an all new page as asked by the famous author Simon Young, a British folklore historian based in Italy.

Mermaids Pool

Simon wrote to me “I’ve been sent, by a colleague, the name Mermaid’s Pool on Kynance Cove and the earliest reference I can find is to a painting you did there. I just wondered if you could tell me anything about the name or its history“.

My answers are on the all new page ‘Mermaids‘.


If legends, mermaids and Cornwall interest you, don’t miss this new read  about ‘Mermaid’s Pool’, the painting by Gordon Frickers,  40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″) !

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Arctic Convoy to Murmansk, “PQ 13, Frozen Fury”

News about my historic painting “PQ 13, Frozen Fury” as used on the front cover of the book of the same name :
40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″), £ 1.000, offers to me please, commissioned by an eyewitness and survivor of PQ 13, Mr. H. Mills.
I’m advised by a descendant, this very unique painting is be offered for sale and have been asked to act as the owner’s agent 😶.
He is asking £ 1.000, offers to me please, thank you :
PQ 13 Frozen Fury with original frame

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How was it for you?

Here 2021 in France is so far very good. How was it for you on this first day of the new year ?
A ‘French’ lunch, 13.30 to 18.30 with Anglo French foods and very French wines, so I suppose that is a success🤨?
As several of our friends where not available for the 31st of ‘that year 2***’,
In consultation with my English neighbour Matt who insisted upon marking the occasion, we opted for a new year mini fete on the first, my house being the venue.

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