To my surprise, drawn to my attention again, my British India Collection of classic ship paintings. Consequently I have just updated this interesting page featuring ships from what was the world’s largest, most successful and much loved merchant ship fleet. In particular one of my earlier paintings, still available from my ‘Prints’ page, as a … Read more


PQ13 has been on my horizon again today.
This painting which is in Cornwall, remains for sale with me as ‘agent’ for the owner.
The asking price is a modest £1,000.
The Russian book about PQ13 has my painting on the front cover.

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Unexpected inspection?

An unexpected inspection? In Théhillac we are used to low flying aircraft, usually military fighter bombers, some pass very low and very fast. Could this be why some much Brittany milk tastes a bit odd? However this ‘whirlybird’ was exceptionally low, below tree top height and hung around for half an hour. A personal ‘secret’; … Read more


‘Charlestown Morning‘, a new painting shaping up for those of you who like to see a painting creation process. Here is the struggle to find the best composition. Charlestown is a famous port much used by film makers including the very popular ‘Poldark Series’. This Charlestown painting is the fourth and will probably be the … Read more


“Good drawing is the basis of all good painting” : Francis Pratt, professor, Painting school of Montmiral.
These pictures are not good drawing, yet.
a glimpse of a new painting now in progress.🙂
The drawing does though give you and secretive insight into the transformation from idea to concept sketches.
Given the interest in the progress of my post below about the new painting ‘Charlestown Morning’, I though some of you might like to also see and follow this emerging story
This new painting as yet un-named is not even mentioned on my web site, it measures 53 x 91 cm (21″ x 36″).

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Titanic painting and NEW, “Undersea World”, created while I was reproducing the largest masterpiece lost with the Titanic, “Plymouth Harbour” by the famous Norman Wilkinson. The pleasures of painting, new, oils 61 x 91.5 cm, (24″ x 36″) “ Discover Titanic : “Plymouth Harbour” was the largest most prominent painting lost with the Titanic.


the original "Mystery".

A lugger of a delightful surprise to share with you seen when I switched on today !

Entitled “Gordon Frickers : A different Perspective” by Rob McDowell, this brief, splendid article opens ” There are some joys to being ‘locked down’! “.

Then gets more and more interesting.

Barnabas, lugger  :   23 X 35 cm (9″ x 14″)    Watercolour, available      £/€ 357.

Rob McDowell you  have “done it proud”, a beautifully written and balanced article inspired by my ‘ancient’ painting of the ‘Barnabas‘ lugger, sir, thank you.

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