A pleasant Diversion

My #painting palette yesterday, a glimpse of the effort needed to complete ‘The Titanic Twins‘, both nearing completion. Another diversion, you can commission the #painting you have long wanted from me and follow it’s development. Contact via https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/about-gordon-frickers-and-his-work/contact/   

A successful outcome

Arrived safe in Florida USA, my client is happy to have you know he wrote
“Dear Gordon,
I got it safe and sound!
The painting is magnificent and stunning.
Rhoda Mary
Schooner Race
Each aspect of the painting exceeds my expectations.  While your paintings are beautiful to look at over the internet, the actual painting has a warmth that can only be felt by seeing the real thing. I also had a reaction I had not expected. My father passed away from a stroke when I was seven. He loved to paint and I remember watching and being around him while he painted. When I opened the box and revealed the painting, I got the smell that I had not had since I was seven. I guess it was both the varnish and paint but it was warm and wonderful.
Thanks for a great experience,
P.S. I’ll contact you when we have it installed at the new house. Maybe we can get a Skype session and I’ll give you a tour of its new home. I looked at the flags on the stern and it spells out MQKJ. Any significance?

Have you ever thought, “I’d love a painting like that one?”

Give me a call or email ! ?

MQKJ explained below… 

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The Royal Yacht Britannia was when launched revolutionary and controversial.

Royal Yacht Britannia

A story for my forthcoming book?

Later converted to a ‘J Class’, she actually had 7 changes of rig, I’ve shown here as she originally appeared.

She won over 200 races, still a record.

I have just two prints of this painting left unsold.

When I first painted ‘R Y Britannia‘ I carried out considerable research.

That activity took me to Cowes on the Isle of Wight where I had a very interesting, at least to me and possibly you, conversation with the famous marine photographers Mr. Beken 2 and 3 at their shop in West Cowes.

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Hautement recommandé

S Soirees très surprenant a l’assosiation Bernez, le Pisse Meme a la petite citie de character #RocheBernard, Highly recommended if you visit here . See more on my Facebook page, fies to large for WordPress,  https://www.facebook.com/gordon.frickers Here is a taster although not from this evening. This evening we were entertained by M. Delannoy, a first … Read more

Antarctic heat wave

20 % off in nine days ?
A ‘discovery’ class #superyacht
This painting revealed for the first time is not yet on my web site.
A painting of this size and quality can be yours for as little as 30 x 45 [12″ x 18″] £850.00
Our weather systems as any sailor can tell you, have an untidy habit of not following the neat smooth curves of prediction beloved of economists and scientist.
A habit of townies and city folk who don’t understand that terms like ‘#floodplain‘ are a warning not a cute pastoral anachronism .

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Grave at Hoo

Rhoda Mary, a Falmouth, Cornwall built schooner  was one of the most renowned, most beautiful of the 3,00 or so British working schooners. I’ve twice been commissioned to paint her. One of those painting is available from my Marine Prints Page as a beautiful vivant picture, signed, numbered edition from £157 inc P&P. Over last … Read more