La Fete

As we emerge from lock down here in Théhillac, France, we had our first ‘social distance’ fete. I discovered the famous ‘#bisous‘ French kiss has been replace by touching elbows ! My neighbour Danielle kindly invited me and our other neighbours for lunch. Such a pleasure to see a beautifully thoughtfully prepared table. Our little … Read more

Plymouth, the Mayflower

Plymouth, The Mayflower < a peek in my ‘studio’ as I plot and a great idea.

Plymouth Mayflower Plotting table

A challenge, how to make an original painting of a famous ship painted by so many brilliant artists?

I have decided to produce two ‘Mayflower’ paintings and a bit about how this is being achieved. 

The embryo you see here will become ‘Plymouth, Mayflower Departing’.

A very educated guess.

Many questions as with most history, remain unanswered.

If you think you know something or of some one that will add to the authority of the new painting, tell me now.

About 7 years astern I was asked by a consortium of Plymouth’s elite, would I create some large paintings of

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Of gold leaf

I was delighted to welcome Monsieur Gilbert Duval, deputy mayor of Théhillac, France, a retired artisan, a friend with a shared interest in French wines, who used to own a foundry that was particularly noted for exquisite brass works. Monsieur Duval had been given a beautiful, antique small frame to restore with new gold leaf … Read more

Social distancing

Is social distancing a problem? Can you imaging yourself sailing single handed around the world?

Recently I sold another [large] print of “Roaring Forties”, this time with a charming ‘remarque’ drawing, an extra in the margin to add a personal touch.
Roaring Forties
I chose to show Robin Knox-Johnston re-crossing the finish line as I saw him last year, 50 years to the minute, after his original home coming having been the first person to sail solo non stop around the world.
Robin Knox-Johnston
Social distancing
If you’d like a print they are still available, superb quality, from my web site page ‘Marine Art Prints‘, from £167 inc p&p.

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Normal life or lock down

Normal life and not normal …’Flying Scotsman, the world’s most famous steam engine, with #Pullman cars crossing I K #Brunel‘s remarkable Royal Albert Bridge, #Devon and #Cornwall;  #painting measures 51 x 91 cm (20″ x 36″), available, worth at least double, in many galleries, yours for £2,250. Also available as a fine art print on canvas, see our Marine Art Prints … Read more

C 19 Children …

“Things My Children Have NOT Learnt In Homeschooling This Week”
Courtesy of the Peter and Jane Facebook page [

] and my friend [who is a teacher]

Linda Winter
P S : for ‘Mother’, I know from hard won experience, one can as appropriate substitute ‘Father’.
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, baby and child

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Hunt the Pickle

Should we have a > spot HMS Pickle < competition, she is there, ubiquitous as ever she was?
Under the radar ~ Mal Nicholson requested I show my “HMS Pickle’ paintings on his HMS Pickle Official site on Facebook; so here today are another two …
HMS Victory, Trafalgar
Trafalgar Dawn
I present “Trafalgar Dawn” : as seen and described by eye witnesses, from HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday, 21st October 1805.
The fine art print has in the margin a drawing of the scene and better still, every ship individually named.
The original is long since sold.
Trafalgar Dawn, French Perspective
To make a pair, I painted and have in print the opposite view as described from the French flag ship. That too included the elusive HMS Pickle France view so to speak.
Original available £18,000

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