L’Hermione, Frégate

I’m delighted, news of my painting “Painting “L’Hermione frégate de le Marquis de Lafayette “.
This fine picture will for a very modest limited licence fee, will be reproduced in France only, inside the French national schoolbook designed for 14-16 year-old pupils.:  a Geography and History schoolbook  : Histoire-géographie EMC 2de bac pro  15362

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Reverting to Nature

I’ve decided to sell this remarkable painting and offer some similar. It’s that sort of time in my now quite long career.

Hooe Lake.
Reverting [gently] to nature at Hooe Lake.
Following a fair offer from a gentleman in Florida. It won 1st prize (oils) 1995 Cornish Society of Artists.

I’ve kept it a a fine exhibition piece including showing it by invitation among the 35 at my European Parliament Expo.

The present heat wave is the opposite of the conditions when I painted “Plymouth Trawlers”, a chilly grey February in 1992.

The day I worked on what we sometimes  call “Plymouth Trawlers” was grey, near freezing, typical for February at Plymouth.

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HMS Somerset on anti piracy duty
Dawn Patrol

A type 23, similar to HMS Montrose currently deployed in the Persian Gulf region.

This water colour of “HMS Somerset, anti piracy patrol dawn on the Red Sea” measuring 35 x 18 cm (14” x 7”) was commissioned by her officers as a parting gift for her commander.
HMS Somerset presentation
Somerset presentation
See https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/war-ships/hms-somerset-frigate/
Tanker crisis :

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Nelson’s Arctic Voyage

Three years in the making,  now fully available, in Great Britain from Waterstones and world wide via Amazon.
Nelson’s Arctic Voyage by my ‘good-win’ friend Peter Goodwin,
ISBN 978-1-4729-5417-6, published by Alard Coles.
Horatio Nelson, life of
Nelson’s Arctic Voyage, book cover.

Mr. Goodwin has developed his own way of conveying the very human side of the story.

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Les Fetes

Parties on as the heat wave continues with 30 C [86 F] plus, this week end there have been so many fetes to choose from minor and major.

Among the latter a huge Celtic festival at l’Orient and a Choral fete with a ball after at Guignen near Rennes.

My choice was made for me by my neighbours in this village gently, firmly, insisting I attend.
A compliment it would have been discourteous to refuse.
It turned out to be a very good choice too.

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Art Fraud

Art fraud : there is a lot of it about.

I was in a High Court in Central London last week.

I’d prepared carefully including, very rare for me, donning a suit and tie.

Artist in a suit
Gordon Frickers?

It is certainly true that fine paintings as opposed to ordinary paintings, are among the most reliable at all levels, of medium to long term investments.

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Maiden News

She is in the news again with her rebuilt ‘Maiden’.
Maiden, yacht
Ice Maiden
I’m a great admirer of the redoubtable Tracy Edwards.
Hence my painting “Ice Maiden” [2 signed prints remain unsold] of The Maiden Ladies in action.
Ideas were discussed with Tracy.
The result was this painting. “WoW !!!, a masterpiece” was Tracy’s reaction when she first same “Ice Maiden” at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club.
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston generously said of this, “Great paintings promote sailing”.

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Dilemma ?

A heat wave, light breezes so we have perfect weather for sailing ! This painting [https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/yachts-and-superyachts/] shows “Cowes Week”, a yacht taking the winning gun from the Royal Yacht Squadron club line. Incidentally the helmsman that day was Prince Phillip sailing a Sigma 38 built at Plymouth. Painted from life, this exceptional ‘royal’ painting is … Read more