Roaring Forties

Always nice to know that the prints I so carefully supervise are appreciated. From Rob Richardson of Roland, AR 72135 USA :“I want you to know I still enjoy my print and admire it every day it still inspires me!” 🥰Discover this iconic painting and its amazing story via the Yachts and superyachts page here … Read more

Drachinifel, Nelson, Trafalgar

Drachinifel, a meeting with the famous naval historian noted for his Utube videos. Drachinifel has chosen for his new painting, one of the key moments of this the most famous of all naval battles, the the battle of Trafalgar. We met last week at Emsworth Sailing Club, with special thanks to my long time fine … Read more

Plymouth Pirate Weekend

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Plymouth Pirate Weekend, after a busy day it seemed like a good idea to have a looksee before finding myself a supper.

Somehow I found myself invited on board the first vessel I reached.

The crew are delightful, the ship beautifully built as a replica of a 1776 smuggler’s lugger.

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Marine prints

Marine prints, the art of making the best, are foremost in my thinking at present. This print is of ‘Spirit of Mystery’ Bevan Leach in South Australia has his print of the painting ‘Spirit of Mystery’ and his includes an exquisite remarque drawing in the margin.He wrote “The print arrived today. I am just delighted … Read more

Charlestown, Cornwall

A visit to Charlestown, a rare event for me these days. Time was when I was often in the Charlestown… in days astern when I lived in Falmouth and later, behind Par Beach in Polmear Park Road where I began to paint full time.As one or two of you have asked to meet me, so … Read more

Concept Sketches

‘Concept’ sketches, evolution as I prepare to create a new painting. “HMS Victory Breaking the Line’. Concept under exploration, The Battle of Trafalgar, arguably the most famous moment during the most famous naval battle in history. I’m not yet satisfied that I have my ideal composition. My criteria being the perspective must be impressive and … Read more

Titanic, Plymouth Harbour

Titanic ‘Plymouth Harbour’ a masterpiece, the largest most prominent painting lost with #Titanic is here meticulously reproduced full size with original materials. Titanic’s ‘#Plymouth Harbour’ magnificently reproduced as per original, materials, many previously unknown details revealed, Painting is full size and extensively researched by Titanic authority, distinguished author Tim Maltin and an artist who lived by, … Read more

Pont Aven

Roscoff sailing to Plymouth with the beautiful Pont Aven, flagship of Brittany Ferries. Pont Aven, this outstanding ferry is named after the Brittany village most famous for it’s artists. Some of the greatest worked there including Van Gogh and Gauguin. Lots of little adventures…I’ll tell you more soon.

The Golden Hinde – dread pirate

Golden Hinde

Drake’s voyage between 1577 and 1580 made his reputation and a fortune.


Golden Hinde
The Golden Hinde

A little gem of a painting like this 20 x 25 cm, (8 x 10″) so
won’t cost a fortune and you will, then have an original ‘Gordon Frickers’.

Pure piracy? Naah, rather, good very good value !

The Golden Hinde voyage remains one of the most extraordinary adventures of all time combining many of the ingredients of a best selling story.
Francis Drake was a Devon man who captained the “Golden Hinde” (pronounced – ˈhind’) (or Golden Hind), an English “Race Galleon” type of ship out of Plymouth England to become the first Captain and the First English captain to circumnavigate the globe.

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