Alarm ! Panic ?

To bring you a better experience, both my web sites are being refined.

To bring you easier navigation, clearer texts, simplified buying, my ‘marine art’ web site may briefly be off line at times over the next few months. is undergoing its first major upgrade since 2003.

Receiving similar attention, the newer site [mostly landscapes] will also go off line for brief periods.

This is to help you see the trees in the wood.

Our aim is nothing less than the most distinctive, informative, user friendly, marine and landscape art web sites on the Internet.

If the sites give you any problems keep calm, do have confidence in us.

Don’t hesitate to fire a gun, hoist a signal.

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Climate Change?

Climate change real or a hoax?

Our climate is of course constantly changing.

It always does.

Some of us refer to this phenomena as ‘weather’.

Climate Change : a response to the ‘deniers’ narrative.

The three fold questions behind the pc phrase ‘climate change’ are; is the present rate of change abnormal and if so in what ways and finally of this threesome, is there a change occurring that is a threat to our individual and collective lives?

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Back Shortly

This some what sums up how I’m feeling right now … as does
“Par Beach, Morning Fog”.
Par Beach, Cornwall, morning fog
This beautiful, subtle study measures 230 x 300 mm (9″ x 12″), is NOT sold despite what it says on my web site. No reasonable offer refused.
Both my web sites are undergoing long overdue major upgrades and re structuring.

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Plastic Oceans

A remarkable achievement, plastic oceans? 
Between them, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have contributed 30 % of plastic waste in our oceans. 

If we can influence these giants to mend their ways this will be a significant improvement.

The sketches I’ve shown here are ones I still have.

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Fire ?

A real fire at this time of the year? YES !!! Not well, I don’t have time for this. I’ve a book to write and several paintings to make sail with. I’m doing my best to get well, not feeling vg though.   I’m surprised to be poorly, usually I’m quite robust although I do … Read more

Back at work

I’m now back to what passes for ‘normal’ here which includes I’ve resumed painting [The Titanic Twins], designing two new marine paintings and writing the book on my work requested by Bloomsbury of London.
I’ve several enquiries to follow up.
The most unusual of which is for a ‘Halifax’ as in Handley Page heavy bomber.

Handley Page Halifax
A Halifax is missing

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