Bright Yellow?

What was / is Bright yellow on warships and why important to my ‘Trafalgar Collection?

A Detail from ‘First Shots’

More than one ship today sports a curious choice of yellow line on her hull.
Quite different from ‘Nelson’s Bright Yellow’.

‘First shots’, HMS Victory at Trafalgar …

At that time [1995] Victory was painted Chrome Yellow.
As a marine artist I knew Chrome yellow was very expensive before 1820.
I suggested it was an error to use it for 1805.
Consternation !
Victory is the Royal Navy’s most famous icon !

Nelson’s Bright Yellow

I researched the colours, external and internal, at Portsmouth and elsewhere, together with Mr. Peter Goodwin when he was ‘Keeper and Curator of HMS Victory.

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St Mary's (1)
St Mary’s (1) , Scilly Isles ~ sold
I can understand well why a friend of mine, my X 1, is so fond of the Scilly Isles having just holidayed there again.
She kindly sent me a charming post card, it’s nice to have some ‘snail mail’ like that.
I’ve only been to the Scilly Isles once, way astern in 1988.
A friend at Radio Cornwall, Tamsin Mitchell, [where is Tamsin now?]
asked me to be there to cover the arrival of Richard Branson with his Virgin Atlantic Challenger II.
Location sketch 30 x 40 cm (12″ x 16″), signed on the back by the crew, available, £500. 
Virgin Atlantic Challenger II, unrepeatable Location sketch signed on the back by the crew, available.

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Race Progress

“Cornish Race”, steady progress with this painting.

A very ‘Cornish Race’. Painting progressing nicely …

My client fell in love with my painting “A Dispute Settled“, made way back in 1989 for Mr. Frank Trebilcock. My client is, as was Mr. Trebilcock, descended from the men who built the three vessels illustrated, the ‘Mary’, the ‘Rhoda Mary and the ‘Katie Clewett’.

Thus we have agreed to produce a new painting similar, a bit further into the race, to be the centrepiece of my client’s new home building in Florida.

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Brexit? Parliament?

Well spotted by Cathryn Mclean while in Fowey, Cornwall, thank you for sharing this Cathryn.
Sign of the times, a book shop window in Fowey …
Cathryn McLean was in the area for a ‘Cornish Lugger’ event in the nearby picturesque port of Charlestown.
Cathryn’s Facebook page is
I lived for 5 tough, happy years behind Par Beach about half way between the two ports.

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Better than Champagne?

As Lily who has now returned to Toulouse, was preparing and exceptional dinner,  sit back and imagine … ,  I decided this should be accompanied by a wine I’d been reserving since my last visit to Gaillac.


Château de Lacroux
Methode Ancestrale, demi sec.
A fine sparkling wine produced at the Château illustarted in my painting shown here [available, £4,000 see page]
To our surprise and delight this has to be one of the best wines I’ve tried, surpassing any Champagne in my experience.

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Fashion Shoes

Today, some questions include on on ‘fashion’ from the famous journalist and author who visited here recently, Nike Williams.
Nike Williams
Nike is about to post some articles about my very special painting “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater”.
This fine painting has a direct connection with the very famous Mr. Samuel Plimsoll after whom ‘Plimsoll’ shoes are named.
My Plimsolls

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