La Fete de Férol

La fete de Férol, sharing here the enjoyment of a very lively féte at nearby Férol. Férol village with Bambas style music followed by some light rock n roll and traditional including much dancing. Doubly pleasing to meet quite a few people I already know. Wot no sound? This reminds me to use video more … Read more

Paintings, Commission Prices

Frickers profile

Paintings, Commission Prices, page thoroughly updated, prices adjusted with some nice new photos added too, enjoy, profit. Could be a good painting costs less than you imagine? Paintings what is a painting from a top flight artist worth to you? What does a painting from a distinguished artist cost? Sensitive issues for all painters . … Read more

Result !

Idalia / MY Balmoral

Result ! 😃 Where is Idalia / MY Balmoral now? MY Balmoral / MV Idalia may be one of only 3 H & W vessels still afloat so worth saving.A few months astern I posted a search regarding trying to locate the Holland & Wolf of Belfast built MY Balmoral / MV Idalia.Built by the … Read more

Colour in paintings

Colour in paintings

Colour in paintings, in all art works, makes a grand difference as you can vividly see by comparing this image with my previous post of 27th June. Artist to artist, with the composition and drawing nearing completion I have added underpainting colours.If you check out and compare this post with my previous posts of 27th … Read more

Trafalgar revisited

Trafalgar paintings, many artists attempted this scene, my intention is to produce the definitive painting of ‘Victory Breaking the Line’. Trafalgar, artist to artist you can follow the development of this new painting here. Trafalgar revisited, steady progress with this (20″ x 32 “) painting of Victory breaking the line. Trafalgar, artist to artist, following … Read more

Profile Portrait

Frickers profile

Yesterday I changed my Facebook profile portrait photograph, artist wearing a tie. I’m sharing this portrait with you here mostly so you can share the fun and my astonishment that this portrait has generated 85 comments and 131 ‘like / love’ reactions in it’s first 24 hours. This portrait has also got a strong reaction … Read more

Painting in rain

rain, storm clearing

You want a very special painting? Don’t miss ‘Painting Rain’! 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”). For sale, available, offers from 2000£. You’ve found two here, these paintings were made on successive days. Discover my website page ‘Painting Rain‘, ( ). Painting Rain You’ve found two paintings here, these paintings were made on … Read more


Trafalgar Dispatch

Pickle, unpickling Pickle, a new perspective, a major and overdue page edit, texts and some of the paintings. Like a good read? Good news, at last, prompted by an enquiry via Twitter, I’ve made a major and overdue page edit for Trafalgar Dispatches, Further Reading. HMS Pickle, “I have Urgent Dispatches”, a very exceptional marine … Read more


Thinking Heatwave, I present the enchanting ‘Mermaid’s Pool’ (Kynance Cove, Cornwall).   40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″). This pool is hard to find and well worth your effort !For sale, available price reduced, offers from £ 1,200. This beautiful secret, Mermaid’s Pool, near The Lizard, Cornwall is set in green granite and with more … Read more