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Gordon Frickers is an unusually versatile dedicated painter, his fine painting is the choice of many distinguished people and renowned companies, welcome aboard.

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Titanic, Plymouth Harbour
Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour”, a major painting in progress.

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The Mayflower
Mayflower Plymouth England 1620

Visit Gordon Frickers highly original cv/ résumée.

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NEW > Hyperlink to > HMS Racehorse (Nelson & Trafalgar Collection)


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Hyperlink to > Yachts and Superyachts Collection >    *   This picture, available as a fine print is the famous “Roaring Forties“.

Roaring Forties”   ~ “Our efforts with the painting were highly successful” ~ Captain Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who  subsequently ordered 2 more and has become a friend.

Norway departing Miami


Hyperlink to > The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection  *  This individual picture, available as a fine print is “I Have Urgent Dispatches“.


Hyperlink to > Shipping, Professional.    * * This picture, available as a fine print is “Rajula at Madras”.


Hyperlink to > Merchant Sail Collection <           * This picture, available as a fine print is “Waterwitch last British Square Rigger“.


Plymouth, Emigration
Plymouth, Emigration, ‘Samuel Plimsoll’, bound Plymouth for South Australia.


Hyperlink to > British India Steam Navigation Co. Collection <     * This picture, available as a fine print is “B I Sunday”.



H M S Ark Royal
Ark Royal tugged to her last berth to be broken up


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Word of mouth


the original "Mystery".
Spirit of Mystery


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Discover this very versatile artist, visit Gordon Frickers  cv/ résumée.


First Shots, Trafalgar




Trafalgar Dawn with margin sketch of the Combined Fleet


C. S. Nexus on the Mersey




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Submarine Unique
Moonlight Patrol




“HMS Racehorse”, (detail)

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Titanic's lost masterpiece
Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour”, a major painting in progress.


An introduction to the unique blend of qualities that have made the marine art of Gordon Frickers famous, outstanding, collectable.


Gordon Frickers utilises two styles of painting:

melded with an understanding solidly built upon very remarkable experience, gifts and skills, many paintings are produce ‘plien aire’ and his historical reconstructions are particularly noted.

Gordon Frickers brings several particular qualities to bring to his painting , learned skills, his special colour vision  which he has in common with some of the greatest past masters, Degas, Monet, others.

To discover why this artist is renowned, visit Gordon Frickers  cv/ résumée 

With Capt. Simkins at Barra
With Captain John Simkins, M. D. of Calmac, at Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.


Brian Simpson MEP, chairman of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee (2011 to 2014) wrote: “Frickers paintings are marks of our achievement as a people”.

All professional artists :
are special in different ways, Gordon Frickers is
  1. *One of the very few artists invited to exhibit at the European Parliament, the only Marine Artist invited.

  2. * The only ‘Official Artist’ in the long history of HMS Victory. I was commissioned (1994 to 1998)  in preparation for the 2005  bicentenary anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar 

  3. *You can discover much more on the cv/ résumée
  4.  *Unusual among living painters, Gordon Frickers is credited with a number of paintings that have become famous
  5. * a professionally trained mariner, shipwright and boat builder.
  6. *a name you rarely see at auctions because Gordon Frickers paintings tend to become treasures, personal and of companies.


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By arrangement, purchases can be in instalments.

Contact me

Email: info at

Email: info at

T : Mobile 00 33 (0) 6 10 66 19 26

or Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger ‘gordonfrickers’

Discover this fine artist, visit Gordon Frickers  cv/ résumée


  • Pete Goss (OBE & Legion d’Honore) recently wrote “I got exactly the painting I had hoped for“.
  • At last I’ve met the famous Marine artist Gordon Frickers” ~ Alan Warren of Yachting World at the Monaco Yacht Show Sept. 2009.
  • Why didn’t you tell me you painted the iconicRoaring Forties?”, Dick Durham, editor, Yachting Monthly.
  • I think you are a great artist“, Charles, Count de Noblet d’Anglure.


A calling:  “I set out to be the best painter I can be, to entertain, inform and inspire, to try to leave the world a slightly better place, benefit, enjoy”.


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