Cutlass 40 Bermuda 1-2 finish


Cutlass 40, Mills Breaker Bouy

Cutlass 40, Mills Breaker Buoy


The painting Merhan Cutlass 40 Bermuda 1-2 finish at Mills Breaker Buoyoils on canvas 40 x 51 cms (16″x 20″) was enthusiastically received at its new home in California.


Gordon Frickers client wrote: “Gordon – The painting is here and it looks magnificent! Thank you so much. When I get it hung I will send you a photo of it hanging.

Cutlass 40 detail

Cutlass 40 detail


In his initial inquiry back in 2009 my client generously wrote “I admire Mr. Frickers’ work greatly“.
Now I hope you will agree he has a fine example.

You too dear reader can grasp the opportunity to own a painting or drawing of this quality from this artist.


How “Cutlass 40 Bermuda 1-2 finish” came about is an example in it’s self, with this client we considered a number of options, the tale is recorded in the main text linked here, enjoy.

If you would like to own a painting of drawing of this sort of quality, even if you have no idea what the subject will be, start your adventure now,

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(by the way, the original drawing that accompanied this painting is offered for sale in the main text).






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