Nelson at Gibraltar

Nelson and the ‘Minerve’; 10th December 1796 (The  Trafalgar Collection).

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Nelson at Gibraltar

Nelson at Gibraltar

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“Nelson at Gibraltar” by Gordon Frickers measures 46 x 91 cm (18″ x 36″), Oils on canvas, Available, £40,000

The painting

The voyage that consolidated Nelson‘s name yet many of the books on Nelson don’t mention Nelson’s time on the frigate Minerve. 

The  Trafalgar Collection, the brief was to show some of the lesser known but significant events in the story of Nelson and the Royal Navy.

Nelson at Gibraltar (detail 1)

Nelson at Gibraltar (detail 1)

You can find this story in the now rare copy of Admiral Mehran‘s “Nelson”.

This carefully researched Minerve marine painting shows Nelson at Gibraltar, 10th December 1796 where he transferred from the 75 gun HMS Captain.

You have 2 Nelson ships for the price of one.

Nelson at Gibraltar (detail 2)

Nelson at Gibraltar (detail 2)

The research for this marine painting included Nelson’s route to the battle of Cape St Vincent.

The painting started life as a quick sketch I made one evening while quaffing a therapeutic beer in what was in those days a frequent watering hole of mine, the members lounge of the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club.

The RPCYC has in it’s member’s lounge in pride of place two fine paintings commissioned by the committee when lead by Commodore Captain Paul Willerton, “Spring Series” and “Armada 400”; another reason I feel comfortable there..

Those RPCYC paintings were intended to show future generations how things were then, 1991; which they now do most successfully.

The sketch that lead to "Nelson at Gibraltar".

The sketch drawn 19.02.1998, that lead to “Nelson at Gibraltar”.

I had in mind the visit of Laperouse to Botany Bay.

Later I realised it would not fit that story but the idea could be adapted for “Nelson at Gibraltar”.

This sketch, shown above has subsequently been sold.

The research includes what was when we, Peter Goodwin and I discovered it, new information on fine details in particular exactly which colours Nelson’s ships were painted. Following and thanks to the staff, my visit to Her Majesty’s United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, a secure building where the renowned ‘Admiralty Charts’ traditional and digital, are made and definitely not open to the public,  I was able to establish the appearance of Gibraltar and the British anchorages in 1796.

At UKHO with Guy Hannaford, looking at the Serres watercolours.

At UKHO with Guy Hannaford, looking at the Serres watercolours.

The Minerve voyage by Horatio Nelson, then a Commodore, made Nelson’s name yet the account appears in few ‘Nelson Books’.
The frigate Minerve lead directly to Nelson’s becoming a famous celebrity in Britain, a knighthood and appointment as Rear Admiral.

Minerve started life at Toulon, known in French service as LA MINERVE she was laid down at Toulon in 1793.

Taken as a prize into the British Royal Navy she was known simply as Minerve.

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