H.M.S. “Pickle”, “I have Urgent Dispatches”

The Trafalgar Collection ~ Available as a signed limited edition print

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 A ‘full on’ marine painting measuring 63 x 91  cm (28″ x 36″), oils on canvas, available price upon application,

Fit for a Princess: Print copy No 1 framed with a menu, was presented to The Princess Royal, Princess Anne at HMS Seahawk mess, RNAS Culdrose, a dinner given in her honour in appreciation of her able assistance during the 200 th anniversary of Trafalgar and the recreation of HMS Pickle’s historic voyage with the Trafalgar dispatches.

This original marine painting was produced for  Victory 2005 and has become the most ‘known’ painting in this collection having featured in numerous articles and several books, example,

Signale der Seefahrt

Signale der Seefahrt


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Detail from H.M. Schooner "Pickle", carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar Detail from H.M. Schooner "Pickle", carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar Detail from H.M. Schooner "Pickle", carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar Detail from H.M. Schooner "Pickle", carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar

The painting & the schooner

This painting is the best known picture in The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection, closely followed by the awesome “Trafalgar Dawn” pair, a view from HMS Victory and the opposite, a view from the French flagship, ‘Bucentaure’.

“I Have Urgent Dispatches” does and is likely to continue to appeared in books and a few journals (magazines), TV and videos and continues to sell steadily as a popular signed numbered edition.
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HMS Pickle: Title: “I have Urgent dispatches”.

Pickle” commenced to signal her dramatic news by flying flags 2214.

The Royal Navy’s most celebrated Schooner, a definitive marine painting of HMS Pickle.

In the notoriously stormy autumnal Bay of Biscay

the schooner “Pickle” when chased then recognising the other ship was British so HMS Pickle commenced signalling her dramatic news by flying the 1805 code signal flags 2214 meaning I have urgent dispatches” meaning ‘do not delay me’. 

H.M. Schooner “Pickle“ was first with the news of the victory at Battle of Trafalgar and death of Nelson.

HMS Pickle arrived at Falmouth, Cornwall on the 4th of November 1805, a date still celebrated in the Royal Navy as “Pickle Night“.

Gordon Frickers chose

to research and paint HMS Pickle for many reasons not least being it’s a great ‘communication’ story and Pickle was the sort of size modern yachtsmen can relate to.

His brief included working with Victory 2005 Ltd and the official Keeper and curator of HMS Victory, Peter Goodwin, looking at the lesser known interesting stories surrounding HMS Victory.

Before settling on the likely appearance of HMS Pickle marine artist Gordon Frickers carried out extensive research into schooners of the period.

Gordon Frickers was official marine artist to HMS Victory from 1994 to 1998.

You can discover much more about HMS Pickle by following the “Further Reading” link below, the Word Count is 6192.

In Print:

This fine picture of the schooner that carried the Trafalgar dispatch is available as a signed numbered Heritage print from www.frickers.co.uk Print gallery.


The Keeper and Curator of H.M.S. Victory, Peter Goodwin said, “so convincing it makes me feel I could punch the canvas“. He added “it was Gordon Frickers who opened my eyes to the possibilities of paintings“.

  1. Trafalgar 200 commemorations: A large version, print number 1 was presented to Princess Anne the Princess Royal by officers of the Royal Naval Air Service, Culdrose, at a Trafalgar night dinner given in appreciation of her support of Trafalgar 2005 and the reenactment of the route of Pickle‘s  captain, Lieutenant John Richard Lapenotiere.

QUOTE: Princess Anne: Her secretary at Buckingham Palace said to officers at RNAS Culdrose: “the Princess was delighted to receive this beautiful picture”, “The Princess was over the moon”.

2. 28.01.16
The owner and some of the crew of the replica Hms Pickle, a great educational resource for children of all ages so that includes me, at present in NE England, have chosen large copies of “I Have Urgent Dispatches“.

Owner Mal Nicholson wrote “I opened your well packed print earlier today and all is well, it looks superb thank you!

Gordon Frickers, 16.01.15: “I am honoured to discover people saying picture has becoming a part of the Nelson story.

You can be part of the story, by owning a print of this definitive painting”.

If you love a good yarn and wish to discover more about HMS Pickle follow our ‘further reading‘ link and while you have the chance order your copy of the heritage print to enjoy for life.

I have urgent dispatches” remains a popular print available via this web site Print Gallery price from £172.00

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Lest we forget: “It is upon the Navy under the Providence of God that the safety, honour and welfare of this realm do chiefly depend” – from the Articles of War (1652) read weekly to all Royal Navy ships crews for 300 years.

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Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine

Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine

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Marine Trades


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