The Golden Hinde

Dread pirate or hero…

Drake's Golden Hinde

Drake’s Golden Hinde

By Gordon Frickers 20 x 25 cms (8″ x 10″), oils on board,

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Detail from The Golden Hinde


Drake’s voyage between 1577 and 1580 made his reputation and a fortune.

The Golden Hinde voyage remains one of the most extraordinary adventures of all time combining many of the ingredients of a bestselling story.

Francis Drake was a Devon man who captained the “Golden Hinde” (pronounced – ‘hiynId’) (or Golden Hind), an English “Race Galleon” type of ship out of Plymouth, England to become the first Captain and the First English captain to circumnavigation the globe.

Ironically, this painting, on one of the very, very rare occasions I’ve allowed art work to leave my studio unpaid for, was taken to Amsterdam by a Dutch woman Maryse Sportouch, and never paid for; an act of piracy if ever there was one!

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Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine and of Marine Trades Association
Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine
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