Mauretania, Cunard Liner

Cunard Line

A very few copies left, a rare signed, limited edition print via our Print Gallery page

Mauritania, Maiden Departure

By Gordon Frickers 50 x 76 cm (20″ x 30″), Original commissioned,  sold. Pictures of Mautetania as a new ship are rare.



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The Mauretania, Cunard Express Liner"” href=”” rel=”ibox&target=”>Detail from "<cite>The Mauretania</cite>, Cunard Express Liner"” width=”163″ height=”109″></a></p>
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<p>“<em>Mauretania</em>“, a very original interpretation.</p>
<p>This is a fine marine art limited edition print, signed, numbered from the original marine painting.</p>
<p>At 20.30 hours on the 16th of November 1907, we can witness the maiden departure of the <em>Mauretania</em> from Liverpool bound for New York.</p>
<p><em>Mauretania</em> became the most distinguished of all the great liners.<br />
<em>Mauretania</em> held the Blue Ribband of the Atlantic for longer than any other ship, ever, over 22 years.</p>
<p>A very remarkable, very popular, hardworking ship, twenty-two years in continuous service.<br />
This was at a time when speed was essential to win highly profitable mail contracts & when immigration to the U.S.A. was at its peak.</p>
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