Uganda entering Falmouth to lay up

Uganda at Falmouth , Cornwall

Uganda at Falmouth , Cornwall

By Gordon Frickers this painting measures 50 x 76 cms (20″ x 30″), Oils, Original Sold

Original Sold.

Painted from photographs provided by the World Ship Society, Falmouth Branch, and from location sketches of the harbour, one of 2 of this subject.

Five Sketches of Uganda

Five Sketches of Uganda

The Artist knows Falmouth very well and is well known there having lived and sailed there, worked as a press photographer (Packet Newspaper group), studied at Fal Tech and was head hunted into the Marine industry; a fun part of his miss-spent youth.

Sketch, Uganda arriving at Falmouth to lay up

Sketch, Uganda arriving at Falmouth to lay up

Uganda” was the last ship to carry British India fleet colours.

Uganda, Falmouth, detail 1

Uganda, Falmouth, detail 1

Here she is shown entering Falmouth after the Falklands War were she had served as a hospital ship.

She is being maneuvered into the docks by the local tugs (in his press days Frickers sailed on these tugs several times).

Uganda, Falmouth, detail 2

Uganda, Falmouth, detail 2

She was flying flag “G” so the artist showed that.

Years later the artist was phoned one evening by the owner of the painting who said a guest, a P & O captain and no less, was querying the flag as incorrect as it means “I require a pilot“. When assured that was what happened and the painting was correct, the reply came, back, Some body at P&O is going to get a Bo**ocking!

Later “Uganda” was laid up near King Harry’s Ferry.

Eventually she was sold, re named ‘Triton‘ and sailed to a scrap yard.

See the BI web site or the P&O archives for more information.

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