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Sea Cliffs, the exist, rig your safety lines, hook on and read on.

#Seacliffs, the evidence is incontrovertible.

Chupra Concept Sketches 29.05.17

Chupra Concept Sketches 29.05.17

The concept sketches shown here have in discussion with  my client J. Leeson & son,  lead to a larger drawing, a combination of  1. and 6.

In this case a merchant cargo liner, “Chupra” is shown encountering 30.48 m (100 foot) waves off the cape of Good Hope were two powerful currents collide sometimes creating ‘sea cliffs’, one current cold from the Antarctic the other warm from the Indian ocean. 

Chupra (7) drawing detail 22.07.17

Chupra (7) drawing detail 22.07.17

My original thought was a new variant of “Trun” including a heavy sea and less threatening sky.

Chupra (7) drawing detail 2, 22.07.17

Chupra (7) drawing detail 2, 22.07.17

That said, like my famous, memorable “Roaring Forties”, painted for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, available as a signed numbered print (from £147.00) “Chupra 7” shows something most landlubbers find hard to believe but we know happens.

This study, ‘shows wind over sea, where currents collide.
The concept took quite a bit of thought to calculate, always a painful process for me.
Among other details I have carefully checked measurements of the amount of depth of hull normally below water, exposed by ‘The Wave’.
To my eye, at first the exposed hull looked excessive.
A careful examination of the scale of the G A of MV Chantala and photographs of other B I ships in ballast and in dry dock confirms my impression.

These days, relevant videos can be found on Utube, one on Russian convoys, the heavy weather scenes is appropriate, others include spectacular French films, our French colleagues are rather good at this sort of thing.
Most spectacular, superbly filmed, lash yourselves down and marvel: “ tempête sur la bretagne“, Tempête en Bretagne”
and see also,
“Tempête Joachim – Bretagne”, “FREGATE FRANÇAISE : EN PLEINE TEMPETE ” Force 11 ” Échelle de Beaufort”, “D 646 Latouche Treville”,
“(7) La Terre en colère – Tempète en mer”.

If looking for ideas and inspiration, there are many more videos that landsmen find unbelievable.

B I Background: ‘M V Chupra’  launched 1944, was one of the very successful B I (British India Steam Navigation Company Limited) ‘C’ class of “fast cargo liners”.
At one time the popular much loved B I operated the world’s largest merchant fleet.
The company eventually merged with P & O, the last ship to carry B I colours was Uganda.
Uganda’s  final task was to operate as a hospital ship during the Falklands war.

Re watching the videos give me ideas for another variant of “Chupra drawing 7” …

Chupra (7) drawing detail 3, 22.07.17

Chupra (7) drawing detail 3, 22.07.17


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