Chupra, cargo passenger liner

Chupra (7) drawing

Chupra (7) drawing 22.06.2017

Graphite drawing, measuring some  42 x 61 cms (16.5” x 23”), available, £150.


A developing painting.

“Chupra 7”, a proposal by drawing, my client did ask for a dramatic painting !

This is a relatively large and detailed drawing this time, measuring some  42 x 61 cms (16.5” x 23”).
Drawn as requested by my client, J. Leeson and son, a development of concept sketches 1. & 6., as per previous concept sketches.
In this case a merchant cargo liner, “Chupra”, encountering 30.48 m (100 foot) waves off the cape of Good Hope were two powerful currents collide, one cold from the Antarctic the other warm from the Indian ocean.

My original thought was a new variant of “Trun” including a heavy sea and less threatening sky.
That said, like my famous, memorable “Roaring Forties”, painted for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, available as a signed numbered print (from £147.00) “Chupra 7” shows something most landlubbers find hard to believe but we know happens.

The evidence is incontrovertible.

Further reading, Chupra.

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