B I Sunday drawings

British India Sunday, The story of  new marine painting in the making.

B I Sunday, sketch 9 C

B I Sunday, sketch 9 C

Bit of a giggle to share with you, a comment received today (16.08.2016) via email from a happy client for whom I’ve just completed “B I Sunday”.

There is more than a stroke of “luck” in Mr Frickers brush !!

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B I Sunday 15.08.16

B I Sunday 15.08.16

This New Marine Painting

Although this study  lacks colour which is critical to the composition however it is in the correct proportions, the ships are correctly scaled for the perspective, for the proposed 76 x 121 cms, 48″ x 302 canvas.


B I Sunday sketch B I S 9 C, detail 1

B I Sunday sketch B I S 9 C, detail 1

I have reluctantly omitted any small craft, local traffic, dhows, shown in an earlier less developed sketch B I S 8 B except one small detail; the island car ferry (far right).

B I Sunday sketch B I S 9 C, detail 2

B I Sunday sketch B I S 9 C, detail 2, Kenya docking

This in part because of the considerable time taken to get the complex composition to this stage.
With no photograph showing this exact scene involving eight ships, lighting, where would the sun have been, time of day etc and the shore side facilities, number and types of cranes, warehouses etc all had to be carefully checked for position and appearance.

B I Sunday sketch B I S 9 C, detail 3

B I Sunday sketch B I S 9 C, detail 3

There are a variety of local vessels and such like, including yachts from the local club which I propose to add to the final painting.

About B I Sunday

This commemorates a unique event when all the wharves at Mombasa, Kenya were all occupied by ships of the same company, the formally much admired and loved British India Steam Navigation Company.

In those days star date 16 September 1951, Britain still had a significant merchant ship fleet.

This painting is a proud tribute to B I and the merchant navy in general, this marine painting reminds us there was a time when 90 % of the world merchant fleet flew ‘The Red Duster’, enterprising Britons owned and operated 90 % of the world’s shipping (around the years 1900 to 1914).

Two devastating wars and worse, since 1950 the failure of all British governments to support the industry when it was challenged by heavily subsidized over seas competition has seen the demise of this great source of national wealth, British shipping, now a shadow of it’s former self.

In recent decades successive governments despite many warnings have persistently neglected the interests of both our Merchant fleet and the Royal Navy.
As a result Britons are almost entirely dependent for vital supplies and defence on foreign ship owners.

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