Port of Gaillac 1863

Port of Gaillac 1863

Port of Gaillac 1863

Measuring 110 x 500 cms (39″ x 60″),

The Port of Gaillac 1863 on busy May morning is an awesome painting to see; by Gordon Frickers, oils on canvas, sold.

This painting was commissioned as a foyer centre pièce for the remarkable new Museum inVINcible VIGNEron‘ at Tres Cantons, (T:+33 (0)5 81 02 44 89) Montels, near Gaillac.

The port was the principal reason for Gaillac’s existence.

Wine has been grown upriver from Bordeaux in the Gaillacois, one of France’s oldest, most beautiful and most under-rated wine regions for 2,400 and more years.

Yet the quay(s) of Gaillac remain an enigma, a mystery.

The quays of Gaillac opened the region to the world.

Today those largely forgotten quays are the pass port to a beautiful fascinating and complex regional history.

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