“Tectona, dawn off Bolt Head” – Extra Info

"Tectona, dawn off Bolt Head" About Tectona, sailing ketch:

This splendid 80 ton ketch “Tectona” built in Calicut India in 1929 served as a training vessel with “Moyana” for cadets of the School of Maritime Studies Plymouth, between 1964 and 1980.

Not all Plymouth people and ex Tectona students really forgot her.

Stories circulated as they do.
Tectona, sailing ketch, was reported in many places, many owners and several times as written off, wrecked…

One of the very few places she was mentioned was on this web site.
That in turn helped a group of interested people to focus on tracking her true course through time and across many seas.


Peter Adams wrote to www.frickers.co.uk, after searching the web for Tectona:
“Maybe half a dozen so far, after intense searching.
There are passing references to her in a number of places.
There are your pictures.
But these are buried in a vast ocean of hits for tectona-the tree. 160 thousand pages in fact”.

Tectona, after a long absence and a hard search into her history, has recently returned to British ownership (Dec 07).


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Tectona has been found (Dec 2007) and as of Jan 2008 is at Port St Louis about 50 miles west of Marseille, France.


“P B got in touch recently however, having seen a post of mine somewhere, and to my astonishment that photo has been hanging on the back of the bandsaw in the shipwrights’ workshop in Coxside for the last 32 years.

It is provisionally planned that the “Tectona” will be based at Plymouth from spring 2008 and her refurbishment will have been completed by April 2009.

The aim is to get Tectona back to sail training in Plymouth with Cremyll Sailing at Mashfords Yard and once that’s established to set up a sail training project for people with mental health and drug miss-use problems, all based in Plymouth.
See tectona.org.uk after 1.2.08.


“Tectona” is the focus of discussion threads on the forum pages of the South West Maritime Historical Society website.

The artist Gordon Frickers has a long experience of working with professional sea people and is delighted to have played a small but significant part in the story of Tectona the ketch.


I’m ready to commission, take me to how to order

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