Dhow and Dolphins

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Dhow and Dolphins Marine Painting By Gordon Frickers 48 x 61 cms (19″ x 24″), Oils,  this charming marine painting needs a new home, price 950.00, payment can be made in easy installments.

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Detail from Dhow and Dolphins Detail from Dhow and Dolphins Detail from Dhow and Dolphins


This painting,

“Dhow and Dolphins” is in the artists possession, initiated as a result of research into the world of Arab dhows while preparing a series of paintings for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman’s public buildings and private yacht.

Very much a sailor’s painting, a dhow her natural environment, the open ocean, on a splendid day for sailing.

Dolphins love to accompany ships often playing in the pressure wave created by water displaced by the moving hull.

This vessel, the Sanbeq type was developed in antiquity.
Sanbeq’s were probably sailing in the days of Jesus of Nazareth and certainly at the time of Mohammed.
Sanbeq’s were built by a very ancient method, examples of the method have been found in Egyptian tombs, tying clossely fitted planks together with rope.

You can be sure that the technique produced sea worthy hull that would flex to ‘take the ground’ well (dry out on a beach) provided the crew accepted bailing was an essential preoccupation while afloat .

The flexible hull was not easily damaged by sitting on sand or mud but when used to attack Portuguese ships in the Arabian Sea were easily shot to pieces.
A more solid form of construction was adopted.

Today most dhow construction is in the West European style.
Motorized sanbeq’s are still used today including for piracy.

This painting is one of a series.
Most were sold to the government of Oman.


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