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Marine Painting, Marine painting commissions

Marine Art Commissions or Marine Prints, you choose, Gordon Frickers is widely considered to be one of the very best marine artists, painters today.

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J M W Turner was a Marine artist first and foremost, as is Gordon Frickers who has built a reputation as one of the most professional, skillful, diverse marine painters.

This gallery (Gallery One) provides an introduction to 30+ years of marine painting, and much archived marine history resulting from Gordon Frickers often extensive research and 50+ years of experience of our marine world..
Artistfrickers story is ongoing, you can follow him on his Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the most informative, his blog.

Sections of this Gallery

Commercial Shipping
Yachts and Superyachts
Yachts and Superyachts
War Ships
War Ships
Merchant Sail
Merchant Sail

European Parliament Exhibition

Gordon Frickers sometimes surprising combinations of colours, compositions and atmosphere challenge and excite many people in much the same way and for similar reasons as did his illustrious predecessors as far back as the elder Van der Velde, J M W Turner and the likes of  Monet and Degas.


Marine Projects and commissions

vary from professional shipping such as cruise liners and cable layers, cargo ships to ferries to superyachts and Cowes Week, warships, even a unique association with the Royal Navy, “H.M.S. PICKLE“, TRAFALGAR & NELSON and much more, read on, relax and enjoy.

Gordon Frickers research is second to none; he is also a master shipwright, man of the sea, and widely read.

Gordon Frickers already has an impressive list of clients and patrons, (see Gordon Frickers CV/Resume) achieved entirely on merit.
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Welcome, enjoy.

“Gordon has more than a casual affinity with Britain’s Seafarer’s”.
Lloyd’s List International.

Gordon Frickers © 2014


Other Galleries

This is one of four galleries of the art of Gordon Frickers. The others are:

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