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The Trafalgar Collection: Nelson described the schooner HM Pickle as “ubiquitous”, an appropriate and  worthy compliment for her commander and the men who served her.

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Detail from "Nelson's Pickle, first with the news" Detail from "Nelson's Pickle, first with the news"

Marine Art by Gordon Frickers 76 x 121 cms (30″ x 48″), oils, the original was sold to Victory 2005 who now offer it for resale, price £35,000.00

The Painting

HMS Pickle was one of the eyes of the fleet & often referred to by Nelson.

The artist has sailed on a schooner many times so has a ‘hands on’ understanding.

He chose to include HMS Pickle in this series for several reasons; she distinguished herself many times in particular by carrying Admiral Collingwood’s famous Trafalgar Dispatch and she was the sort of size a modern yachtsman can relate to.

In this painting you can  see several of his friends included crew as portraits, one is his friend Robin Knox-Johnston, another a self portrait.

Pickle is shown here beating to windward, her crew reducing sail, a dangerous task without a safety net.

They are being watched by LAPENOTIERE the Commander who is standing near the helm, and the boson standing in the eyes of the ship.

This fine painting is a present (23 July 2015) in a bank vault in London, one of a ‘Trafalgar Collection’ for sale.

The owners now (12.07.2016) wish to sell their entire collection. 
All those are paintings were made during the period Gordon Frickers was official artist to HMS Victory and working with Victory 2005. 
Gordon wrote “I often include a mini portrait of the owner, crew or friends in a painting, occasionally a self portrait too. In the same mischievous spirit I might include a cat, dog, fish or other detail.

Few people notice, still some of us like to know they are there. An example is you can see Robin Knox-Johnston on the fore deck, Peter Goodwin Keeper & Curator of HMS Victory and I am there too as is the commander Lieutenant John Richard Lapenotiere. Lieutenant Lapenotiere can be seen standing aft near the helm. This was my second less well known painting of HMS Pickle; the now celebrated “I have urgent dispatches” (available as a signed numbered print from £147.00) having ‘stolen the lime light‘ “.

Gordon has also painted another 3 pictures of HMS Pickle.

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