Hazlerigg (a Moody 31), off Three Cliffs bay, the Gower Peninsular – Extra Info

Hazlerigg (a Moody 31), off Three Cliffs bay, the Gower Peninsular

The story behind producing the painting.

Sue Rees was very impressed with the detail and quality of the paintings shown on the site. We thought it a good idea to point out that in reality paintings are designed and normally viewed from 10 feet (3m) away or more. Also that a water colour is “different” from oil and most of the work on www.frickers.co.uk is in oil.

However, the only other water colours currently on www.frickers.co.uk at that time were “Mike Mac” and “Kim Stephens“, so this one was to be in very distinguished company!

As normal, schedule and budget were discussed and agreed.

After initial phone conversations a series of still pics and initial payment were sent. A search for a suitable background commenced on Google for images looking for “Rhossili bay”, “Worms Head” and “Three Cliffs”, also in various Pilot books and other sources. Gordon Frickers has a file from 25+ years of painting. Part of the problem was to find good shots taken from the sea, most are from onshore.

After a struggle we eventually found suitable illustrations thanks to Dr Michael Baker who is a very adept researcher and the webmaster behind www.frickers.co.uk.

The background was to be based on 3 pics of Three Cliffs Bay, the first two from the sea side, the third from the beach side.

About the painting

What was supplied?

Sue radialted infectious enthusiasm and excitement during the process, sent some photos of the yacht anchored, sailing in a very light breeze and some of her ashore. Normally the client is not very involved once work starts, however Sue was keen and very helpful plus patient with the artist’s necessary detailed questions.

The photos supplied were of Hazlerigg in light winds and all were from the wrong directions. Pic 1 is an example. The yacht’s headsail was a worry, an unrecognisable shape and shown collapsed in light air…

Attention was paid to the sea state and wind direction in relation to the yacht and her sails. How far off the beach the yacht was to be was also a matter of fine judgement and took 2 more sketches. The wind is shown aft of the mean direction because of the effect of an apparent wind and importantly in this case, as a sailor knows the 3 cliffs would have bent the wind direction further aft so Hazlerigg is show with sheets more eased than one might at first expect.

It was necessary to draw the yacht several times to get the movement, heal and pitch suitably lively.

Sue was e-mailed sketches for comment and approval (pics 2 to 7 show this process). Sue seemed to enjoy being involved in the process.

A sketch was also made of the background, 3 water colours were then drawn out and final corrections made. Once started, only one study went all the way to completion.

Hazlerigg with headsail collapsed in light air

Pic 1.
The painting was based on this and similar photos.

Sketches 2 to 4 shown below were sent as attachments to be discussed.

Next we decided:

  1. which angle of the yacht you would favour
  2. which background
  3. other comments

Initial sketch of Hazlerigg off the Three Cliffs

Pic 2.
An initial Sketch.

Initial sketch of Hazlerigg off the Three Cliffs

Pic 3.
An initial Sketch.

Initial sketch of Hazlerigg off the Three Cliffs

Pic 4.
An initial Sketch.

Pics 2 to 4 are development sketches looking at the overall issues.

Detail of Hazlerigg

Pic 5.
Detail of Hazlerigg.

Detail of Hazlerigg

Pic 6.
Detail of Hazlerigg.

Pics 5 and 6 show two of the many necessary details extracted from the selection of shots sent.

Final sketch of Hazlerigg off the Three Cliffs

Pic 7.
Final Sketch.

Eventually, developed sketch 7 was e-mailed for approval and the painting as completed was also e mailed.

Meantime the original painting was sent for framing and delivery, on time in budget to become a unique gift that we hope will give many years of pleasure, more as time goes by, and will become a family heirloom.

Final watercolour of Hazlerigg off the Three Cliffs

Pic 8.
Final watercolour of Hazlerigg off the Three Cliffs.

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