Agapenor, a “blue flue Line”

A Blue Funnel ship manoeuvring in Bombay (Mumbai) Roads

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 By Gordon Frickers 29 x 60 cms (11½” x 23½”), oils on canvas, available.

Agapenor‘, the wooden horse of Troy, what?

This Agapenor was a general cargo liner, a type of ship that could work almost anywhere using her own derricks, be it with surf boats or way up a muddy river in darkest Africa.

Stories that now sound exotic, romantic, abound about the adventures of these ships and their crews…

This Agapenor was a Blue Flue Line ship, or more correct but equally strange to the modern ear, the China Mutual Steam Navigation Company.

The Blue Flue Line was founded in 1865 by Alfred and Philip Holt of Liverpool.
Considering the Homeric tales to be the greatest adventures of all time they gave all the ships of the Blue Funnel fleet Homeric names.

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Detail from Agapenor, a "blue flue" Detail from Agapenor, a "blue flue"

Agapenor was the son of Anchaeus king of the Arcadians.

He lead 60 ships to the siege of Troy where he was one of the volunteers who manned the wooden horse of Troy.

On his journey back he was shipwrecked but founded Paphos on the Isle of Cyprus.

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Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine and of Marine Trades Association
Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine
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