Gordon Frickers CV/Resume

This web site is constructed by way of introduction for those who don’t know of the art of Gordon Frickers ~  “Our efforts with the painting were highly successful” ~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Gordon Frickers, artist, has most recently completed ” The Quay of Gaillac 1850“, a 2 m x 1 m painting for the foyer of the new wine museum inVINcible VIGNEron,  the 762 x 1219 cms (30″ x 48″) “Hermione, frigate of Liberty” and the “Bamora and Canberra“.

Gordon Frickers is currently working  on speculation, “Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux”, a series of paintings for exhibition and a book.

Gordon Frickers is:

  • One of the very few  artists and the first and only marine artist to be invited to exhibit at the European Parliament, Brussels (May 2011).
  • Uniquely in the history of HMS Victory, Gordon Frickers was commissioned (1994 to 1998) to work for HMS Victory.
  • Featured artist on the Winsor and Newton website.
  • The only artist member of the British Marine Federation, SuperyachtUK and the Marine Trade Federation.

Quote: Brian Simpson MEP, chairman of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee wrote:

Frickers paintings are marks of our achievement as a people”.

Recent Clients

Recent clients include:

  • Pete Goss (OBE & Legion d’Honore)
  • H.M.S. Somerset (Officer’s Mess)
  • BVT Surface Fleet Ltd (formally BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions); BAE and the Ministry of Defence for the Armada de Chile (HMS Marlborough to Almirante Condell), Devonport Royal Dockyard, Pendennis Shipyard, the government of Oman for official buildings and the Sultan’s yacht.
  • His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said
  • Pictures in National collections in GB and France.
  • Gordon Frickers is the choice of many renowned organisations and distinguished individuals.

The renowned sailor Pete Goss recently said “I got exactly the painting I had hoped for“.

For memorable fine art of enduring worth “contact us” or better, speak with or meet Gordon Frickers, land line: [phone_uk], (mobile [mobile_uk]).

Public Collections

Examples of Gordon Frickers marine painting are in:


Government of Oman (various public buildings)

Armada de Chile (National Navy of Chile)

City of Brest, Maison de Fontaine

The University of Plymouth

Le Musée du Cap Horn at St Malo

La Maire de Sauternes, Bordeaux

Hôtel de Ville, L’isle sur Tarn

Clients and Patrons

Frickers list of distinguished clients and  patron’s was described by Audrey Hinks of Gallerie Marin (Appledore) as “formidable”, they include:

Gordon Frickers is listed in: Debrett’s Distinguished People of Today & Who’s Who Art and Antiques.

Classic Quotes

Of Almirante Condell departing Portsmouth:

The Condell painting went down a real treat.
The Chileans were very
impressed and Capt Cruz the commanding officer was over the moon and said he
was going to have it welded to the wardroom bulkhead so none of the
Admirals, and there were six Chilean Admirals present, could get their
fingers on it.
” ~ Captain J.A.B. Simkins.

Of  The Cable Ship “Nexus” on the Mersey: “The composition and the quality of your painting is quite simply stunning and has deeply impressed everyone who has seen it.
The detail, lighting and colours deserve particular attention.
The inclusion of another CMS vessel in the background is a delightful touch as is the choice of venue.
” ~
T.C. Hart, Managing Director of Coe Metcalf Shipping Ltd

Of Benmacdhui” at Hong Kong: “I was able to show my son the cabin I sweated out my first voyage” ~
J. Morrison (N.Z.)

Of the print Clansman departing Castlebay: “I have now received the print of ‘The Clansman Leaving Castlebay‘,
and I am extremely pleased with the result.
The print has already been well admired by my family and friends.
It will probably look even better once it is mounted and framed.
Thanking you again for all your assistance and I am so pleased that
there was a successful conclusion to all your efforts.
” ~
Alastair McDonald

Of Ice Maiden: “It makes me feel I’m back on board!” ~
Tracy Edwards, skipper of the record breaking yacht Maiden.

The renowned marine artist” ~ Queen Elizabeth II Daily Programme.

Birth and Education

Gordon Frickers was Born Beckenham, Kent in 1949

He was educated at:

  • Maidstone College of Fine Art (now part of Kent Institute of Art & Design): Fine art, graphics and photography.
  • Medway College: Visual Communication, Photography for advertising & media.
  • Falmouth Technical College: Ship & Boat Building.
  • Montmiral School of Painting (South West France): Drawing and colour.
  • Plymouth College of Further Education: Internet, E business, web site construction, PC office skills.
  • RYA coach and instructor (dinghies and powercraft).
  • UKTI / Businesslink: Management, export, e commerce and web site skills.


  • After Uni: Assistant photographer, various central London advertising studios.
  • Falmouth: A GP photographer and latter press for Beaverbrook Western, the Packet Group.
  • Sailor, boat builder, ship wright and man of the sea: Dinghies, Yachts, mostly racing, Square Riggers (including what was then the world’s oldest), Merchant & Cruise Ships.
  • Gradually became a master shipwright and marine and art historian.
  • After time with Bromley Boats, six years as Founder and Director of South East Boat Builders Ltd, Rye.
  • 4 years with the R.A.C.
  • 30 + years freelance painter particularly noted for marine subjects.

TV and Radio


Frickers likes teaching, style is interactive, engaging and involving his audience.

Unlike many fellow painters Gordon has not followed a career in teaching art.
He has occasionally taught in schools and Adult Education Centres, given talks, lectures and has successfully taught marine painting as evening classes!


His Awards include:

  • Four times chosen Yachting World/Rolex-Swan prize artist.
  • 1st prize (oils) 1995 Cornish Society of Artists.
  • Roll of Honour 1996, City of Plymouth; for “Outstanding Contribution to the City of Plymouth”.


Gordon Frickers has exhibited (mostly one man shows) at:

  • European Parliament first marine artist invited May 2011.
  • British Ambassador’s Residence, Paris Dec 2009.
  • Buckingham Palace (Sept 1991).
  • London International Boat Show (several times most notably 1991 with “Roaring Forties“)~ The Times (of London) referred to “Roaring Forties” as “Dry Humour…“)
  • Hotel de Ville, Lisle sur Tarn
  • The World Ship Society, Falmouth AGM.
  • Chester Town Hall, including a Civic Reception July 1993 (90 prints sold).
  • Cornish Society of Artists.
  • Plymouth Museum.
  • Maison de la Fontaine, City of Brest. Brest expo 1996 (25)_0002
  • The Mount Batten Watersport Centre, Plymouth.
  • Various Yacht Clubs, Galleries and Exhibitions.
  • Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes.
  • Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club.
  • Royal Society of Marine Artists at Pall Mall London (regularly during the early 1990′s).
  • On board the ships “Cutty Sark“, “QE2“, “HMS Victory” and the brig “Maria Asumpta“,
  • The 1864, Jerusalem
  • Hôtel de Ville L’ile sur Tarn.
  • Le Mairie, Sauternes.
  • Gallerie Marin, Appledore.
  • Others


  • See press cuttings ~  the list is hard to keep up to date but gives the general idea.
  • Lloyd’s List International 1991 wrote: “Gordon has more than a casual affinity with Britain’s Seafarer’s”.
  • Most recent include:
    • Sea Breezes May 2013
    • Warships International Fleet Review April 2013
    • Geography Directions, site for the Royal Geographic Society, 11 Sept 2012 (review of Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater).
    • Warships IFR, Sept 2011, 3 page colour spread.
    • Sea Breezes June 2011, 3 page colour spread.
    • Marine Quarterly, May 32011.
    • Yachting Monthly May 2011 (“Iconic painting”).
    • Superyacht Business, the Best of British 2009/10.
  • Warships International Fleet Review, profile July 2011
  • Warships International Fleet Review April 2013
  • La Depeche, Tarn, France, profile 08/2014
  • Castine Historical Society Newsletter March 2015 (CHS Visitor Spring15_finalWeb 15.03.15)
  • Our  thanks to all the journalists who have recognised and done what they can to publicise the talents of Gordon Frickers.
  • Quote:Why didn’t you tell me you are the artist who painted the iconic “Roaring Forties“? – Dick Durham, editor, Yachting World.

See also Appraisals.


Books his work appears in include:

  • ‘The Pirate’, (cover page) published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing in Arabic, a best seller soon to appear in English.
  • The Nelson Almanac, edited by David Harris, Picture editor Anthony Cross, published in association with the Warwick Leadley Gallery, Conway Maritime Press, The Chrysalis Building, Bramley Rd, London, W10 6SP published in 1998,
    ISBN 0-85177-755-4
  • Nelson’s Ships, P Goodwin, Conway Maritime Press, The Chrysalis Building, Bramley Rd, London, W10 6SP published in GB 2002.
    ISBN 0-85177-742-2
  • Ships of Trafalgar, P. Goodwin, Conway Maritime Press, The Chrysalis Building, Bramley Rd, London, W10 6SP published in 2005,
    ISBN 1-84486-015-9
  • Fighting Ships 1750-1850,
    Author: Sam Willis with an introduction by N.A.M. Rodger, Quercus Publishing Plc, 2007, ISBN 1847241719
  • Frozen Fury – convoy PQ-13, (Cover Page) John Haynes, Russian translation by Captain of 1st Rank (ret) Igor Kozyr, Gangut, St.
    Petersburg. ISBN 9 785904 180379
  • Life on the Ocean waves, G S A Frickers, ISBN 0956910904, Published 23 May 2011
  • Others include books in India, in Dubai (Published Bloomsbury and Quercus Publishing PLC) and 3 in progress at time of writing including a bi lingual version of ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’.


Other Websites

Some of the other websites his work appears on are:

Gordon Frickers Art

Fine art from recognised artists has consistently proven to be one of the very best investments.
You can purchase securely (in installments by arrangement) online or bank to bank and are covered by a (probably) unbeatable guarantee.

There are several qualities that bind the work of this versatile artist including remarkable sensitivity and an intense sense of searching for meaningful response, qualities shared with predecessors Frickers admires.


Quote :Yacht “King of Hearts“: “It is already giving me great pleasure and reminding me to make more time available for the joy of sailing” ~ C.R. King

Gordon Frickers is also special:

You can learn more by viewing examples of Gordon Frickers art work using the drop downs on the menu galleries above and by generally exploring this 600 pages + web site resource, welcome, enjoy.

Gordon Frickers © August 2013

Gordon Frickers at St Emilion Aug 2013
Gordon Frickers at St Emilion Aug 2013





Gordon Frickers at Antibes, July 2009
Gordon Frickers at Antibes, July 2009

Gordon Frickers at St Malo, April 2009
Gordon Frickers at St Malo, April 2009

Helming Toybox, June 2006
Helming Toybox, June 2006

Gordon Frickers 1988
Gordon Frickers 1988

Gordon Frickers in West Morning News 9 July 2005
Gordon Frickers in West Morning News 9 July 2005

The last boat Gordon Frickers built
The last boat Gordon Frickers built (1998)

The last boat Gordon Frickers built - interior
The last boat Gordon Frickers built – interior

Gordon Frickers on watch, Maria Asumpta, North Sea
Gordon Frickers on watch, Maria Asumpta, North Sea

Gordon Frickers at work on board Maria Asumpta
Gordon Frickers at work on board Maria Asumpta

Gordon Frickers at work with sunflowers, painted by Jill Lane
Gordon Frickers at work with sunflowers, painted by Jill Lane

Gordon Frickers Age 3
Gordon Frickers Age 3

Men at work, painting the launch of JST Lord Nelson, BBC filming
Men at work, painting the launch of JST Lord Nelson, BBC filming

Sir R Knox-Johnston & Gordon Frickers 27 Sep 2002
Sir R Knox-Johnston & Gordon Frickers 27 Sep 2002

Gordon Frickers Self Portrait, May 1966
Gordon Frickers Self Portrait, May 1966

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