The Port of Heraklion

Boeing 727 landing

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The Port of Heraklion


An unconventional port scene, entertaining though; you are in the jump seat on the final approach onboard a Britannia Airways Boeing 727, 700 feet up and 1.5 miles out from the runway and about to fly over the port of Heraklion.
The instrumentation show is entirely correct.

Gordon Frickers has a long interest in aircraft.
He was raised near R.A.F. Biggin Hill, Kent.
Having attended many a 15th September anniversary display he can still recognize some historic aircraft by the sound of the motor in particular the Spitfire, Hurricane and Me 109 and has watched planes flying as diverse as the replicas of Louis Bleriot’s plane, the first to cross the English Channel (July 25, 1909), the Red Baron’s triplane, and many originals, the Avro Lancaster, Mustang, Harrier jump jets and Sea King helicopters to name a few.

This very unusual painting resulted from an invitation from Captain S.R. Sanderson who was interested in painting and First officer G. Sharp to join them and create an impression as they landed G-BJCU.
It is 13:30, 15th October 1982, flight BY 858A Gatwick to Heraklion.
Frickers remains fascinated by aircraft and would welcome an opportunity to paint more planes.


Credit where it is due: Special thanks to: Captain S.R. Sanderson and First officer G. Sharp for the invitation to join then, Britannia Airways for the flight deck info, Tricia Thompson for inspiration and encouragement and the unrecorded friend of Captain Sanderson, a fellow captain who came to the studio with the flight manuals and patiently checked every single control setting by the book.


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By Gordon Frickers 460 x 610mm (18″ x 24″), Oils on canvas, Price of the original on application


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