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Good afternoon Gordon,

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Racehorse‘ as in HM Sloop ~ in answer to some points raised the following transpired which you may enjoy my sharing with you.

I have read with a lot of interest your creation page on the “Racehorse”. I immediately noticed the struck topgallant masts and the painstaking research that went into the “gammoning” subtitle. However, I would expect a ship in that kind of weather to sail under reefed topsails only, with one jib to boot as you illustrated. Was that considered with Mr Goodwin, and possibly disregarded for “artistic licence”?  I would be curious to have his take on that. (then, just nitpicking here, would the ship not sail under independent Admiralty orders, and thus have a common (tricolour) pennant?) I love the painting… May I ask, even if it means I cannot afford it“.  

Racehorse (detail)

I replied : (more…)

C S Forester

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018
The author C S Forester has a lot to answer for !
I’ve just added my name to the “Horatio Hornblower Appreciation Society” on Facebook.

These days people say I am a marine artist. 

HMS Pickle

I Have Urgent Dispatches (HMS Pickle)

I first encountered Forester’s most famous character, Mr. Horatio
Hornblower when as a bored 13 year old my dear Dad tossed a book to me saying, here, read this, I read it years ago and enjoyed it.
The book, you may have guessed by now, was ‘Midshipman Hornblower’.
Hooked, I soon devoured all the C S Forester books I could find in our local public library. 


Rose City

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Yesterday a day in beautiful Toulouse widely known as The Rose City because of it’s pink brick works.

I was with my good friend Lily Malek.
One objective was to obtain a list of art galleries; with a little help from Lily this was speedily achieved, merci bien Lily.

More tricky to find, are suitable exhibition sites. I have in mind my S W France landscapes… although my marine work being quietly famous may be of interest too.

A little ‘Jewish shopping’ was possible.
By chance we parked at Lily’s command opposite a small bar… Le Piere Peinard.


My first ‘recorded’ efforts to paint

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

An amusing tale in answer to a point raised by my friend Gerri Gill, via Facebook, Gerri won’t mind my sharing this with you.
Of yesterdays post Gerri generously wrote “Absolutely gorgeous. I love them both and especially the top colours [Mauretania, Maiden Departure from Liverpool, available as a signed print] . One is calm and serene. The other makes you sit up to attention and look …..

Mauritania, Maiden Departure

Then the key part, she wrote “I am right in thinking that your path to excellence started with Francis? He must feel very proud“.

My reply was along these lines… 
The path didn’t start with Francis Pratt although he was a major influence. 
Probably my first ‘recorded’ efforts to paint were when I was about 4 or 5 years old. 

Gordon age 3

With my friend Patrick Crawley we opened some tins of paint in my parents garage then ‘abstract painted’ the walls. 
Very firmly told never do that again, I next painted Patrick. 
Poor wee lad, he had to have his cloths burnt and head shaved so I must have done a pretty job. 
I don’t actually remember doing it but my Mother sometimes told the story and I do remember seeing the garage walls, thinking it was very jolly and wondering how it came to be so.


Spacious studio

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

My Brittany studio, works well in fine weather… ‘needs must when the devil drives’. My studio... 27.09.17 IMG_1481
You may notice, this studio is quite climate change sensitive, could be a problem come the equinoxial gales and winter…

Bishop’s Rock

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Virgin Atlantic Challenger II”, an artist’s story; A Blue Ribband and the Hales trophy attempt.

Behind “Virgin Atlantic Challenger II”

Why St Mary Port?

Why Sir Richard Branson?

Why such fine paintings so long ago, yet not much has come of it?

I did later go to London, meeting and selling a painting to Sir Richard Branson who proved to be a mean son of a bitch.

Off Bishop's Rock, Virgin Atlantic Challenge 2

Off Bishop’s Rock, Virgin Atlantic Challenge 2

My son has asked me to record ‘sound bites’ of family history for him so here is one such yarn shared with you. (more…)


Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Artist to artist , ‘Perfectionist?’, a friend recently mentioned perfectionist.

That puts me in mind of the value of imperfect.

For those creative people interested, I’ll expand on this on my blog, meanwhile here is the best I can manage as a summary of the concepts as I interpret them. I’ve been called many times a ‘perfectionist’, maybe you have too?

I decided long ago, I don’t like that.

To avoid the concept my good friend Michael Baker, uses the phrase ‘good enough’.

In similar vein, I’d say ‘I do the best I can’; implying I know it won’t be perfect, I may fall heavily, but there is a more than fair chance it will be impressive and some people will call it ‘perfection’…

As with for example my pair of paintings “Trafalgar Dawn” and

Trafalgar Dawn

Trafalgar Dawn


Hot painting today

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Lastours 18.07.16 IMG_7803by Gordon Frickers 61 x 915 cms (24″ x 36″), oils.

Colour beginnings, hot work today, 33 C (91.4 F) in the shade as a few pics taken around my house show. IMG_7799
Meanwhile back to the plot, a new painting for those who like to follow the process.


The painting

Having marked out the design the next issue is to decide which are the underlying power colours.
Here the first of the tones are being established which will set the lighting, final colours and details that help describe the character of the scene will come last.

Researched on location, painted at the request of the Municipale de Gaillac for an exhibition in December 2016, you can follow the development of this picture here on this page and on this web site blog.

IMG_7796Studio or Sauna…

To acquire or commission an example of the art of Gordon Frickers phone + 44 (0)1865 52 2435 or email:

Studio problems

Friday, February 19th, 2016
The high pressure continues to provide good light so I have been neglecting all else in favour of painting. 

Mostly I’ve been working on wine village paintings while waiting for parts of B I Sunday to dry sufficiently.  I have a problem. The painting’s composition will ‘hinge’ on Kenya, she is critical. I’ve had a good look at other images of Kenya and some I hold on file of Uganda.

Uganda at Falmouth , Cornwall

Uganda at Falmouth , Cornwall


To compose a painting

Monday, December 28th, 2015

“B I Sunday” can be seen developing here. Two sketches are attached, 7 and 8 b. They represent a lot a combined effort, of thought, analysis, some detective work and insight. 

B I Sunday sketch 7

B I Sunday sketch 7

Swahili has a saying; haraka haraka haina baraka. In English meaning ‘hurry hurry has no blessing’. The phrase is an apt one for this painting.

This complex painting celebrates an event probably unique in merchant marine history when every wharf in the substantial port of Kilindini, Mombasa was occupied by ships of the same company. 

B I Sunday sketch 8 b

B I Sunday sketch 8 b