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Fireside chat

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

After 8 days that feel like 50, home, relax and to blessed sleep.Evening at home 25.02.17 IMG_9716

This after an activity packed voyage in England with many highlights, especially the visit to Harwich at the invitation of the Harwich Mayflower Project trustees, who could not have treated me and my two companions Katy & Peter Goodwin, with more honour and kindness, a voyage that left me so exhausted I accidentally micro-napped 3 times while driving south; fortunately I was protected by my Guardian Angel and his boss.
When home I was to tired to eat let alone cook.
That did not matter, still full of Marie Therese Linquette’s cookingBrest 24.02.17 IMG_9712 and after a very successful visit to England I was as happy as an un chivalrous shark that had just swallowed a cabin boy.

At Plymouth, Devonshire

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Wild wet n windy Plymouth, always a pleasure.
“‘Tis not the gales but the set of your sails that determines the way you go”; ancient sea lore by the well know poet Anon.

River Plym 22.02.17

River Plym 22.02.17

Yesterday we had a fine soft rain and a SW force 5, the sent of the ocean was a delight for one’s senses, typical of Cornwall and Devon as spring approaches.
Today it’s brighter, wild n windy force 8 SW off the turbulent Atlantic.

River Plym 23.02.17

River Plym 23.02.17


From Plymouth, into Cornwall

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

From a grey Plymouth, I have mislaid my mobile phone recharger so no phone at present…
Just got ‘home’ as in ‘The Loft’ (my thanks to Linda Winter & Michael Baker) at Plymouth.Plymouth Hoe from Mt Batten IMG_7689_1 d

Been out all day working. (more…)

Southsea, Portsmouth

Monday, February 20th, 2017

At sunny Southsea, Portsmouth this morning with Peter Goodwin.IMG_8965

We have been discussing in among other things, in detail, The Mayflower.

We have some new ideas, and HMS Racehorse including her voyage to the Arctic Ocean…IMG_8963

Later today, via Paington onto Plymouth.

To the Port of Harwich

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

To Harwich via St Malo and Portsmouth.

At Harwich to see the Mayflower Project and city Heritage trail.Harwich Mayflower Frickers 18.02.17 (5)

We, Katie & Peter Goodwin and I were royally treated, put into a beautiful hotel, given a very full agenda so now have much to discuss. Harwich Mayflower Frickers 18.02.17 IMG_9558
I’ll tell you more soon.

Valentine’s day

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

How was your Valentine’s Day? A flower has been much in my thoughts today, well actually for quite a while now but more so today than before, a mayflower, or rather The Mayflower. Golden Hinde detail 21.03.11 IMG_0498 d

More of this soon, I am about to embark on another adventure… bien a toi, Gordon


Monday, February 13th, 2017

It is with much regret, I shall miss it in my home, I have packed this painting ready for shipment to England and eventually its new home. IMG_7832
It was an 18 month grand adventure; my profound thanks to the many friends who helped research and make this possible.
Part of my challenge included how to make this visually ‘interesting’ and an authentic historical document too. (more…)

Does framing matter?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Framing and varnishing has kept me out of mischief during the past couple of days.
I found myself cogitating on this subject as I prepared 3 paintings, illustrated here, for shipment to their new owners.
There are two of the images of each here so you can decide for yourself, enjoy.

Kenya, Maiden Arrival at Mombasa.

Kenya, Maiden Arrival at Mombasa.     

B I Sunday framed

B I Sunday framed



Tuesday, February 7th, 2017


Following a headline in The Telegraph, “Skipper of first female round the world sailing crew reunited with yacht she was forced to sell 27 years ago”.

Ice Maiden 06.03.10

Ice Maiden 06.03.10

The skipper was and happily still is the redoubtable Tracy Edwards MBE, the yacht the famous “Maiden”. (more…)


Friday, February 3rd, 2017

A jest via Facebook from Cap’n Chris Fagg, a veteran sailor, former ship mate, a comment worthy of a reply in kind.
Chris wrote in response to a Pickle story and illustration I’d referred to, “In a bit of a Pickle” (the front bit) !...” nelson-s-pickle-detail-21-06-03
The picture he referred to is a detail from my ‘Trafalgar Collection’.
Several of these outstanding Trafalgar paintings are available as signed limited edition collector’s prints, prices start at £147.00 inc P&P.
I’ll show you one of the prints here, the most renowned one, as a second related illustration, “I have Urgent Dispatches”, also featuring HMS Pickle. dispatches (1)
The first picture is a detail from one of the three paintings of HMS Pickle.

Pickle was the curiously named schooner that raced home with the Trafalgar News (“Sir, we have won a great victory but we have lost Nelson”).
If you visit the web site you can have fun looking for the detail, no prizes if you find it, your reward, the satisfaction of seeing and possibly reading an enthralling true sea story that took me years to research.

I replied to Chris:
“On a Pickle, Chris, His Majesty’s Armed Schooner Pickle; not ‘in a pickle’; as you very well know Chris Fagg.
The detail shows men at work, stowing a flying staysail (outer jib).
Navy schooners and cutters of that period sported very long staysail booms.
A law was passed to limit the length of staysail booms on non naval craft.
These days we more often call those spars ‘jib booms’.

The detail give you a glimpse, an insight into life at sea at that time.
Sailor men used to say, “one hand for the ship, one hand for yourself, if in doubt **** the ship!
In reality sailor men often used both hands.
With similar bravado, aloft if in a hurry they sometimes ignored foot ropes and ran along the spars with more nerve that I have!
And that dear reader is part of why “all the nice girls love a sailor” (and most of the naughty girls too) Boom boom !”

Several of these outstanding Trafalgar paintings are available as signed limited edition collector’s prints, prices start at £147.00 inc P&P.