After the cherries, Cinderella

By Gordon Frickers on May 26th, 2015

The best cherries I have ever ever tasted are ripe right now, hundreds of them,  on a little tree in the garden here at Laborie. I wish i could share them with you.

Cherries of Laborie

Cherries of Laborie

Life is like a bowl of cherries, best plucked direct from the tree with your own hand. True is it not?

A happy birthday is now astern, super supper eaten, toys put away, decorations down, balloons popped, dished washed, time for work.

A new section is opening in , Haut Medoc.

Haut Medoc, the Cinderella of Bordeaux, an introduction.
This is the newest section of the ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux‘ project so the wine art shown here should be viewed as ‘work in progress’ = watch that space.
The first completed picture is up, an old friend now with a ‘further reading’ tale to tell in the linked main text, take a peep, enjoy

Château Les Tonnells

Château Les Tonnells

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