Huzzah boys (& girls) It’s Pickle Night !!!

By Gordon Frickers on November 4th, 2014

PICKLE NIGHT Huzzah! 4 th of November 1805 was the day the momentous news arrived at Falmouth conveyed by HM schooner Pickle, England was safe from invasion but had lost the great and gallant Nelson.  Trafalgar Dawn 10.01.08 d
Pickle appears in both the very carefully researched and constructed paintings here, can you see her or does this leave you in a Pickle?  trafalgar french print d

The originals of both these paintings are for sale as are Our Heritage signed numbered prints.

Trafalgar Dawn from HMS Victory“, this picture appears in several learned books and was produced while I was official artist to HMS Victory for the Victory 2005 projet.

I have the odd distinction of having been the only official artist to Victory in her history despite many renowned artists visiting her including the very great JMW Turner.

After 15 years enjoyment the owner is down sizing his home so now wishes to sell this fabulous painting.

It’s twin painted more recently upon the successful conclusion of a 10 year research effort “Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective” is also offered for sale.

More info on read on enjoy.
Both pictures are available from the web site as Our Heritage signed numbered prints from £147 inc postage.

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