To Saint Emilion

By Gordon Frickers on August 29th, 2013

Saint Emilion, a magic name, the principal village to be painted for the ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux‘ series which will include many of the charming out lying villages of the area and Bordeaux in general.

I went this time primarily to renew a lapsed friendship with Céline David now Masson who has been and  is a significant inspiration for this project. C_C___G_IMG_8385.JPG_wp.JPG

Céline was the first to realise the full potential of the idea and first to do something about it. 

Thank you beautiful Céline and Christophe Masson for making me so welcome; I thoughly enjoyed ‘catching up’ with you and look foreword to future outings together.

Chateau_Siaurac_IMG_8335.JPG_wp.JPGIn Château Siaurac, the wines of  Baronne Guichard, what luck! Chateau_S_IMG_8341.JPG_wp.JPG

The tour was a delight, the wines we sampled the things I learnt were all glorious, my favourite was the aptly named vin ‘Délice’.

Pomerol, a very brief visit this time around world renowned Pomerol; Pomerol_IMG_8434.JPG_wp.JPG

Some say the wines of Pomerol are superior to those of St Emilion, me, I’d like to try more before I have an opinion!

Montagne__St_Emilion_IMG_8408.JPG_wp.JPGMontagne St Emilion, in and around just after first light, tranquil mists of amber and gold, Montagne St Emilion only some 6 km from St Emilion includes an interesting Bio museum Montagne St Emilion comes highly recommended for a visit.

Neac_IMG_8331.JPG_wp.JPGNéac near Pomerol, a charming micro village with some of the finest wines growing around Néac including at
Château Siaurac were Céline in Château Siaurac introduced me to her colleagues, gave me a tour and I was fortunate to be able to sample very fine wines with them.  Neac_IMG_8324.JPG_wp.JPG

Saint Emilion, I think of St Emilion as ‘the Great’.

Saint Emilion as befits a UNESCO World Heritage site attracts huge numbers of visitors but don’t let that put you off for one moment.

There are good restaurants ranging from modest and cheap to 5 star Michelin, some excellent souvenirs’ to be sought and many quiet charming alley ways and havens to discover. St_Emilion_IMG_8414.JPG_wp.JPG

St_Emilion_IMG_7748.JPG_wp.JPGIn St Emilion my time was well spent, lots of useful information for the project Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux, facts, addresses and more…

Soon I’ll have to look for a suitable exhibition site to share and to sell this growing collection of paintings… but where, suggestions…?  Rose_sunrise_IMG_8396.JPG_wp.JPG

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